How to set up a proxy server on the Android device and a separate program

The modern world is saturated with innovations, bright colors and events. You don’t have to travel far to see the world anymore. Everything can be seen through a computer or smartphone monitor, although this does not replace a truly vivid experience. But how do you protect your personal data and information when communicating, working or browsing the Internet?

There is a special filter called proxy server for this purpose. It performs the functions of personal data protection and anonymity of the user, not only when the user is online. The peculiarity of the proxy-server to keep anonymity out of the Network, makes its functionality universal and practical.

Proxy settings for Android devices

How to set up a proxy server on the Android device and a separate program

You can set up a proxy server for Android on any device with this operating system. To do this, you need to download and install one of the special programs, such as one of the most popular and proven – ProxyDroid. After startup, a user-friendly interface with the necessary settings will appear before the user:

  • on and off;
  • profiles;
  • automatic configuration (possibility to automatically receive proxy server settings from a PAC file);
  • the address of the proxy server;
  • the port;
  • the type of proxy;
  • Auto-connection (automatic start of services when a specified network is detected);
  • enables or disables user authentication;
  • Proxy connection for all applications;
  • connection for the selected applications.

Regarding the last point…So you can choose from the list the necessary application or program, and all the traffic of the selected one will pass through the proxy-server, providing security of using the program. Thus, the question of how to configure the proxy server on the Android, no longer arises, even for insecure Internet users.

How to set the Telegram proxy to Android

When communicating on the Internet through certain applications, you need to protect your data and information from fraudsters. One of the most popular applications for communication on the Internet – Telegram. With the help of this program you can not only correspond, but also make video calls.

After installing the application on the device, you need to figure out how to configure the proxy in Telegram on the Android, so that all types of communication in the program were protected and were filtered by the proxy. You can also set up the filter without much skill in using the device. It’s simple, accessible and understandable.

To do this, go to Telegram data and memory, scroll down to the bottom and go to the proxy settings. Add a proxy in the connection section. On Android devices, it’s SOCKS5. In the server field enter IP from the proxy, in the port field – SOCKS5 port from the proxy server. The last items to be set up are the login and password from the proxy server. After they are filled in, you can connect a proxy to Telegram, and use the traffic passing through the proxy.

Proxy setting on the phone

How to set up a proxy server on the Android device and a separate program

In order to configure the user needs to have certain skills in navigating the Internet and knowing certain information. Here you should take into account the probability that you may encounter difficulties with proxy configuration. To configure, you need to have root rights, which both improve the use of the phone on the one hand, and lead to the fact that there are some inconveniences in the use of the device. It is characterized by the fact that if you have such rights, you can use your smartphone without limits, get superuser status. But it also leads to certain restrictions. Automatic update of applications installed on the device will not be updated, and when you request an update, and clicking the “accept” root rights are lost. But it’s everyone’s business.

Quote: To understand why you need root rights on android, and whether you need them, you should first learn about all the benefits they provide.

And now, directly, how to set up a proxy on the android phone. To do this, you need to connect to the wi-fi network in the settings, followed by switching to additional settings. Select manual settings, and enter the IP and connection port.

These IP and port data are available on request from the Internet – free proxies

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