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Why Use A United States Proxy Server?

Enhanced privacy

If you are worried about the US government collecting data on you or anyone who uses their internet, then using a secure proxy server from a reliable provider is ideal. Our private proxies will change your original IP address and provide strong encryption to help maintain your online privacy.”

Data scraping

Americans understand how to do business well, so it is possible to earn a good income there. However, it’s important to be aware of the competition as well or else you may not survive in the industry. With our residential and datacenter proxies, you will have the edge over your rivals by being able to track their activity, discover what customers need and gain an advantage for your business.

Managing content

As a business owner, you can increase productivity by taking advantage of proxies to maintain control over website access. You can block sites that employees should not be visiting during working hours. This service is also beneficial for parents who wish to protect their children from inappropriate online material.

Social media management (SMM)

Our premium USA proxies are a highly sought after feature due to the prevalence of social media marketing in today’s business landscape. These proxies allow you to create multiple accounts, reach more people with automated campaigns or even get in direct contact with potential customers. This can be incredibly beneficial for businesses that are looking to grow and introduce new services as they can begin by directly connecting with prospective buyers.

Accessing unrestricted content

The United States has the largest Netflix library that is not available outside of its borders. By utilizing FineProxy USA IPs, you can access this library and watch hundreds of extra hours of content as if you are a genuine US-based user. Additionally, it can be used to gain access to HBO MAX when it’s not accessible in your nation – our proxies integrate effortlessly with most streaming services!

Conducting market analysis

Do not risk investing in a highly competitive market without doing your research. Utilize USA proxy services to gather significant market information, assess it and make an educated choice. Additionally, you can compare prices and find the best bargains on anything from plane tickets to clothing items or cutting-edge technology. This will save both time and money for shoppers.

Reasons to avoid using a free United States proxy

The US is highly advanced when it comes to technology, and so are its cyber criminals. Utilizing free USA proxies puts you at risk as they tend to be less protected with little (if any) security features and can be easily infiltrated. If a hacker gets access to your delicate data, they could use it for their own gain or even give it away in exchange for money–ultimately leading you to receive targeted ads. In the worst-case scenario, your banking information may be exposed causing major financial losses. To avoid any potential issues, opt for paid or premium USA proxies instead.

Utilize the quickest United States proxy addresses

At FineProxy, we provide you with a variety of proxies such as sticky residential, rotating residential, datacenter, static residential and sneaker proxies for those who are looking to get an edge over their competition when buying items at lower prices or getting the newest sneakers. We promise that using our services will guarantee you fast speed and high success rates so that you never miss out on any investment opportunities or someone else having beaten you to the last pair of shoes. Contact us today for advice about which option is best suited for your needs.

Experience our top-notch United States IP addresses

Our USA proxy server system is designed to be incredibly quick and efficient in getting around any geographical boundaries. If you are a European, you must have noticed that much of the US content is inaccessible due to GDPR regulations and discrepancies between American and European internet laws. Fortunately, we offer proxies that can help you bypass these restrictions so that your access to the web will be open and secure. Not only this, but all of your online activities will remain encrypted so nobody can snoop into them!

Try Free Proxy

We pride ourselves on the exceptional quality of our proxies.

However, we recognize that some may hesitate to provide payment details on a new site, especially when considering a purchase of a product whose quality they have yet to experience firsthand. That's precisely why we offer you an opportunity to try our proxies at no cost. Enjoy access to 73 proxies for a full 60 minutes, completely free.

This way, you can see for yourself the reliability and performance of our service before making any commitment.

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FAQ about United States proxies

Our United States Proxy servers support HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, and SOCKS5 protocols.

Our United States Proxy package offers from 5 to 15000 IPs.

We provide two authentication options: login/password and IP binding.

Yes, we prioritize user privacy, ensuring a secure and private browsing experience when you use our US proxies.

People may use American proxies for various reasons to access websites and web applications primarily intended for a US audience or have content specifically curated for an American audience. Some examples include:

  1. Google: Users outside of the US may use a proxy to access localized content or services only available to users in the US, such as some Google Doodles or specific search results.
  2. Amazon: Certain products or digital content on Amazon may be geographically restricted to users in the US.
  3. Facebook: Some features or content on Facebook might only be accessible to users in the US.
  4. YouTube: Some video content on YouTube may be geographically restricted to viewers in the US.
  5. Twitter: While Twitter is accessible worldwide, certain content or features may require a US IP.
  6. Instagram: Instagram is globally accessible, but some content or services might be specific to US users.
  7. LinkedIn: Some job postings or professional content might be restricted to US users.

Remember, the use of a proxy should comply with all applicable local and international laws and regulations, including those related to data privacy and internet usage.

As of now, the United States has registered a total of 1,520,238,848 IPv4 addresses. Another source states that there are 1,557,452,474 IPv4 addresses and about 9.69×1034 IPv6 addresses in the U.S., accounting for 42.12% and 0.03% of the global pool, respectively.

Regarding the distribution of IP addresses across cities in the U.S., for instance, Columbus has 223,470,800 IP addresses, Seattle has 79,990,320, Ashburn has 74,781,758, Redmond has 47,015,491, New York City has 35,687,818, Sierra Vista has 34,850,487, Monroe has 31,295,479, Chicago has 28,387,905, Washington has 27,359,413, and Indianapolis has 22,337,397 IP addresses.

These figures provide an insight into how IP addresses are distributed among different cities in the U.S. However, it’s important to note that the distribution of IP addresses is constantly changing due to various factors, including changes in address allocation policies and technological advancements.


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Why Buy Proxies from the United States?

USA Proxy


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The United States is a global leader in the field of information technology, possessing a rich and diverse IT landscape that continues to evolve at an exponential pace. The sophisticated and robust digital infrastructure makes the United States an ideal location for establishing your proxy services.

The country hosts a wide range of internet service providers (ISPs), some of the notable ones being AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, and Spectrum. These ISPs offer various plans that ensure a robust, reliable, and flexible internet connection, which is a fundamental requirement for efficient proxy services.

Internet speeds in the United States are among the fastest worldwide, guaranteeing efficient data transfer that is critical for smooth online operations. This high-speed connectivity supports data-intensive activities, contributing to the speed and reliability of US-based proxy services.

A multitude of top-tier web hosting companies operate in the US, including Bluehost, GoDaddy, HostGator, and SiteGround. These providers offer a diverse range of hosting options, from shared to dedicated hosting solutions, offering excellent choices for the implementation and management of your proxy services.

The United States is characterized by widespread internet connectivity, covering both urban and rural areas, ensuring that proxies hosted here provide comprehensive accessibility to end-users across the country and even worldwide.

The e-commerce market in the US is vibrant and mature, with major online platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart dominating the landscape. This demonstrates the broad digital engagement of the US population and indicates a vast potential user base for services relying on proxy servers.

Popular online services used extensively across the country include search engines like Google, software and cloud services from companies like Microsoft and Adobe, and various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. This widespread usage underlines the digital literacy of the population and their familiarity with engaging in online activities, making the US an optimal environment for proxy-based services.

In conclusion, buying proxies from the United States offers a multitude of advantages, courtesy of the country’s advanced IT infrastructure, high-speed internet, comprehensive ISP options, and extensive internet availability. Its vibrant online culture and widespread use of online services make it a prime choice for anyone considering the establishment of proxy services.

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