Sell Proxies and Earn with Our Affiliate Program

Program Overview:

  • Lifetime Commission: Earn 10% on all payments made by clients you refer.
  • Method: Attract clients through your referral link.
  • Payment Schedule: Commissions credited 30 days post client payment.
  • Usage: Use earnings for our services or withdraw via USDT TRC20.
  • Minimum Withdrawal: $100.


  • High Commission Rate: Consistent 10% earnings.
  • Flexibility: Choose between service payment or cash withdrawal.
  • Low Withdrawal Threshold: Convenient access to your earnings.

Participation Requirements:

  • Client Attraction: Gain new clients via your referral link.
  • Permanent Association: Users registered through your link remain linked to you for commission purposes.

Program Rules and Guidelines:

  1. No Misleading Information: Promote our services accurately and honestly.
  2. No Spamming: Adhere to anti-spam laws and respect opt-out requests.
  3. Responsible Marketing: Ensure promotions don’t harm our brand or break laws.
  4. Clear Disclosure: Transparently disclose your affiliate relationship.
  5. No Incentivized Sign-Ups: Only use authorized incentives for sign-ups.
  6. Intellectual Property Respect: Avoid violating any intellectual property rights.
  7. Quality Control: Uphold high standards in your promotional content.
  8. Platform Rule Compliance: Follow the guidelines of third-party platforms.
  9. Regular Updates: Stay informed and update promotions as needed.
  10. Illegal Activities Prohibition: Do not engage in or promote illegal activities.
  11. One Account Policy: Creating multiple accounts for self-referral is prohibited.

Program Lifetime:

  • The term ‘lifetime’ corresponds to the operational period of our service.

Access to Referral System:

  • Currently in private mode. Contact support with your intended client attraction methods (website, forum, Telegram channel, etc.) for access.

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