Why FineProxy?

  1. Detailed information and analytics: Our tool provides comprehensive information about proxy servers, including geographic location, provider, protocol type, and response time. We believe that informed decisions lead to more successful outcomes.
  2. Data and privacy protection: We value your privacy and security online. Therefore, we ensure reliable data protection when using our tools. Your security is our priority.
  3. Ability to bypass geographic restrictions: With paid proxy servers from FineProxy, you can easily bypass geographic restrictions and access content that may be unavailable in your region. We will help you unlock new opportunities and expand your online presence.

Why our proxy checker?

Speed and Reliability: Our service allows you to instantly check the efficiency of your proxy servers. Advanced algorithms ensure fast and accurate verification, leaving no working proxy unchecked.

User-Friendly Interface: We’ve developed a pleasant and intuitive interface that displays results in a convenient format. Flexible settings are available to show exactly the information you need.

Detailed Analytics: Our proxy checker provides comprehensive information about your proxies, including GEO data, provider, protocol type, and response time.

Export Results: After the verification, you can export data about suitable proxies in CSV or TXT format, selecting based on protocol, status, response time, and country.

Paid Proxy Server Checks: Additionally, our checker allows you to verify the functionality of all FineProxy’s paid proxy servers. Our proxies might appear non-functional on other services due to IP binding, but our checker provides accurate and truthful results. In case of any issues, you can always reach out to our support team with the results.

How to Use Our Proxy Checker: A Guide

  1. Preparing Your Proxy List
    • Ensure your proxy list is formatted as ip:port before you begin.
    • We recommend using reliable sources for free proxy servers. In our opinion, the best sources are:
  2. Starting the Check
    • Insert your proxy list into the designated window on the site.
    • Click the “Start Checking” button to initiate the checking process.
  3. During the Check
    • Do not close the tab with the checker to avoid interrupting the process.
    • You can pause the checking process at any time if necessary.
  4. After the Check is Complete
    • Wait for the checking process to finish to view the results.
    • You can filter the results by:
      • Proxy status
      • Available protocol
      • Geographical location (GEO)
      • Maximum response time (Max. Response in ms)
  5. Exporting Results
    • The results can be exported in TXT or CSV formats for further use.
Proxy Checker

How to Use Our Proxy Checker: Video

What is a proxy checker for?

A proxy checker is a service for checking the performance, privacy level, location, speed and other characteristics of IP addresses or servers.

Why check proxies?

Checking proxies is important for several reasons, particularly for individuals and organizations that rely on proxy servers for internet access and security. Here are the key reasons for checking proxies:
Anonymity and Privacy: Proxies can provide anonymity and privacy online by hiding your real IP address. Checking proxies ensures they effectively mask your IP address, protecting your identity and online activities from being traced.
Security: Proxies can add an extra layer of security, but they can also be a weak point if not properly managed or secured. Checking proxies helps in identifying vulnerabilities or misconfigurations that could expose the network to threats like hacking or data breaches.
Performance: Proxy servers can cache frequently accessed web pages to improve load times for users. Checking proxies allows you to assess their performance, ensuring they do not slow down internet access and that they efficiently cache and serve content.
Access Control and Filtering: Proxies are often used to control internet access within an organization, blocking access to inappropriate or dangerous sites. Checking proxies helps ensure that access controls and filtering rules are correctly applied and that unauthorized content is effectively blocked.
Compliance and Logging: For organizations subject to regulatory compliance, proxies can be configured to log internet activity. Checking these logs and the configuration of the proxy can help ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.
Geolocation Testing: Developers and marketers often use proxies to test their websites or services from different geographic locations. Checking proxies is crucial to ensure they provide IPs from the desired locations, allowing for effective testing of geo-specific content, features, and ads.
Bypassing Geo-Restrictions: Individuals and organizations might use proxies to access content restricted to certain countries. Checking proxies can verify that they are capable of bypassing such geo-restrictions, allowing access to the desired content.
To effectively check proxies, tools and services are available that can test proxy servers for anonymity level, speed, location, and whether they are listed on any blacklists. Regular checks are essential for maintaining the effectiveness, security, and compliance of proxy servers.

Proxy Checker

Use our free online proxy checker to quickly and reliably test the functionality of your proxy servers. FineProxy.org offers a fast, user-friendly tool to ensure your proxies are working correctly. Try it now!

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  1. FineProxy’s free proxy checker impresses with its speed, ease of use, and detailed reports. It supports various proxy types, making it versatile for different online needs. The tool efficiently checks proxy functionality and anonymity, providing users with reliable and quick results. Ideal for anyone from beginners to professionals needing effective proxy management, it ensures privacy and security online. A highly recommended tool for seamless proxy verification.

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