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    1. SeoMonster Avatar

      I have been working in the field of SEO for more than four years, so to work I need to open a proxy, such as in this service. It was true that I tried other proxy services, but always returned through the free proxy from Fine.

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      Alan M

      Best free proxy. Thanks.

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      salim salim


    4. No Money Need Proxy Man Avatar
      No Money Need Proxy Man

      Super proxy. I don’t have money buy proxy, fineproxy free proxy, best. Thanks 🙏.

    5. SUWARDI Avatar

      mohon bantu trafic nya

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Free Proxy List

    Are free proxy lists safe to use?

    Free proxy lists often pose security risks. Many free proxies lack proper encryption and may log and sell user data, potentially compromising your privacy and security. It’s advisable to use paid shared or private proxies for enhanced safety.

    Can I access geo-restricted content with free proxies?

    While some free proxies may provide limited access to geo-restricted content, they are easily detected and blocked by websites and services. Paid shared and private proxies offer broader accessibility, enabling bypassing of geographical restrictions.

    What is the risk of using a shared IP address from a free proxy list?

    Free proxy lists often assign multiple users to the same IP address. If one user engages in illicit activities, the IP address can become blacklisted, affecting all users sharing it. Paid shared proxies distribute users across multiple IP addresses, reducing this risk.

    Can I trust the anonymity of free proxy lists?

    Free proxy lists cannot guarantee reliable anonymity. Many of these proxies are easily detectable by websites and services, compromising your anonymity. Paid shared and private proxies provide stronger anonymity measures, ensuring a more secure browsing experience.

    Is it possible to find a proxy service that is absolutely free?

    Yes, there are many free proxy services available online. However, it’s important to be cautious, as free proxies might have limitations in terms of speed, security, and reliability compared to paid services.

    What is a free proxy service and how can I use it to unblock websites?

    A free proxy service is a platform that allows you to connect to the internet via its server, effectively hiding your IP address. You can use it to unblock websites by entering the website’s URL on the proxy’s webpage.

    Can I use a free proxy to unblock YouTube?

    Yes, a free proxy can be used to unblock YouTube. Just enter the YouTube URL on the proxy’s website, and it should allow you to access the site if the proxy is capable of bypassing the restriction.

    Free Proxy List

    Unblock websites, protect your privacy, and browse anonymously with our secure and fast free proxy list. Access over 10,000 proxies for free.

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