Obfuscation is a technique in computer science used to hide the actual meaning and intent of a program by making it difficult to understand. It is primarily used to protect intellectual property and secure source code, or to prevent reverse engineering. By making the program’s source code hard to read or decipher, it can help protect a company’s trade secrets or other sensitive information.

Obfuscation techniques can range from simple renaming of variables or functions to more sophisticated approaches, such as combining multiple methods into a single complex algorithm. Various code-centric methods can be used to make the code hard to interpret. These may include rearranging the code sequence, use of code-obscuring algorithms, various code-reducing techniques, and encryption.

Modern software can often benefit from obfuscation techniques due to the complexity of dynamic languages, such as JavaScript, and the fact that decompiling a program written in such a language produces source code which may be less readable than in other static programming languages.

Obfuscation can be used by malicious actors to conceal the true purpose of malware. Many viruses have used obfuscation to make themselves harder to detect, and to make them more evasive.

Obfuscation is also used in computer security to prevent reverse engineering. By obfuscating the code, reverse engineering becomes much more difficult as it is harder to distinguish the various code elements. As a result, it helps to protect sensitive code from being exploited by attackers.

Overall, obfuscation is an important technique used by many software and security developers. It helps protect intellectual property, secure source code, and prevent reverse engineering. It can also be used by malicious actors, however, to make malicious code harder to detect and more difficult to analyze.

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