Proxy server and its configuration

Proxy is a special node that acts as an intermediary when transferring network data between a web resource and a user’s computer. Its main function is to change the unique computer address. Each device has its own IP address on the Internet, encrypting all the information about the user: region and country of residence, provider and its unique code, device code, etc.

Purpose of the proxy server

Proxy server and its configuration

Intermediary servers are used for the following purposes:

  1. Bypassing the locks.

There are many sites where users in certain regions, sometimes even countries, are blocked from viewing in whole or in part. For example, the use of foreign proxies allows you to view the residents of the Russian Federation European sites, which are limited for the country.

  1. Caching of resources.

Some servers not only change the IP of the computer, but also store some data in short-term memory, so that sites with static information are loaded much faster.

  1. IP address blocking protection.

On many thematic platforms, message boards, forums, etc. in case of violation of the established rules, not only the account is blocked, but also the ip-address (that is, further visits to the site and re-registration become impossible). But a spoofed address obtained by using a proxy server can solve this problem.

With the help of an intermediary server, you can hide the true location of your computer, Internet service provider and other information from the administration of the sites and other Internet users.

Quote: With a proxy server, no blockages are scary on the World Wide Web.

Where to get a proxy server

Proxy servers are free and chargeable. Both can be found through specialized resources that host lists of proxy servers with their detailed descriptions. For example,,,, etc.

“Free servers do not guarantee uninterrupted operation and are not responsible for the safety of the user’s personal data. There is a great risk of stealing passwords and logins. This variant is most often used to get acquainted with proxy servers and the principle of their operation. The paid option is more reliable, the servers are more stable, have a quick response and impressive functionality. The cost of their use is not high – not more than 100 rubles a month.

How to set up a proxy server

The default proxy server is not used on your computer, it needs to be configured. To do this, it is necessary to get into the connection properties. This can be done in two ways: by changing the parameters of the device and through the installed browser.

The first option is to go to the “Control Panel”. To do this, open the “Start” menu and enter “Control Panel” in the search field, then click on the found icon with the left mouse button. Then select “Browser Properties”, then go to the “Connections” tab and click on the “Network Setup” button. Enter the address and port number in the blank fields with corresponding names (they will be recognized when receiving a proxy).

How to set up a proxy server through a browser

Proxy server and its configuration

The first thing to do is to get into the settings. In Chrome, they are located on the following path: Settings – Advanced – System. In Opera – section “Browser”. Otherwise, the setting principle is the same. The button “Proxy server settings” or “Connection settings” is pressed. Next – the “Network Setup” button, and the proxy server settings are made according to the instruction described above. Having completed all the above steps, we will get the connection ready for work. In other browsers, the configuration is done according to a similar scenario.

How to make a torrent work through a proxy

In order to remain anonymous not only when visiting sites, but also when downloading and distributing torrents, you should set up a torrent client. Let’s see how to set up a torrent through a proxy server using uTorrent as an example.

First you need to find a suitable proxy server. Choose a few options and write them down in Notepad. Next you need to start uTorrent, open the program settings and select “Connection” on the left. In the right part of the window set the proxy type “SOCKS4” or “HTTP”. After opening the document you created with the selected proxy servers and copying one address from it. Place the copied data in the “Proxy” field, similar to the port. Stands next to “Authentication”, “Use proxy…” and “Compare hostnames…” check the boxes and click on the “Apply” button. In order for the client to start working through a proxy, it must be restarted after making the settings.

How to use the configured proxy server

If the above manipulations were performed correctly, then each time you start the configured browser, your ip will change to the address allocated by the server. If you want the connection to be used in all browsers, then such actions are performed for each program (and the address and port may coincide). Then everything is as usual: watch videos, listen to music, correspond in chats and social networks, visit websites, etc. When an intermediary address is no longer needed or when the payment deadline expires, the proxy should be turned off so that access to the World Wide Web is not a problem. It’s pretty easy to do: in your browser settings, find the settings associated with the proxy server and remove all the “ticks” associated with the work of the proxy.

Cannot connect to a proxy server

The “configured proxy server does not respond” error may appear in any browser. The main reason for the problem is that the proxy server is not configured properly (wrong addresses and ports have been set). Go to the settings and check carefully – you may have made a misprint somewhere, entered the wrong field or just forgotten to apply the changes. Connection to the server may also be hindered by activated cookies, which should preferably be disabled. This can be done in the “Privacy and protection” menu.

Malicious programs can also be the cause of the error. In such cases it is enough to put the computer for a full check, clear temporary files and check if the data in the settings are not confused. If the check failed, think about what programs you installed before the error appeared. Delete all suspicious and unnecessary. Check the autoload and remove any unfamiliar programs from it. If it didn’t help, then maybe the problem isn’t in your computer, but directly on the server itself (technical work is in progress, etc.). Try to wait a couple of hours, maybe the mistake goes away. In rare cases, the antivirus program itself is to blame. This is because the antivirus is not correctly configured with respect to the proxy.

Configured proxy server does not answer, what to do if none of the above helped? The following actions can help to solve the problem:

  • Scanning and correction of registry errors;
  • Disable add-ons in the browser;
  • Reset the Windows network;
  • cleaning the browser cache.

The article describes the options for configuring the proxy server, gives answers to the most common questions of PC users regarding the topic of conversation.

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