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We offer our customers a comprehensive range of exclusive services, which enable efficient working. In average, proxy servers enable 300% increment in terms of working speed of the multithreaded programs or scripts compared to public proxies. Are you working in Internet and want to achieve more but keep getting IP-blocked? Or do you wish to work with 100 or even 1000 threads at a time? Having one IP address in your use, you won’t be able to achieve it.

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    Why Us?



    We are on a market since 2011

    So far we’ve already managed to get over 22 000 clients by our side.


    24 Hour Money-back Guarantee

    Money back for all purchased products is guaranteed within 24 hours upon their purchase.



    Unlimited traffic

    Unlimited traffic and highest speed possible.



    All of our proxies are exclusive and highly anonymous.

    Proxy Plans & Pricing

    USA 1000 IP

    1000 IP

    American proxies only.

    For 30 days$80

    Europe 3000 IP

    3000 IP

    European proxies. Many countries. Affordable price.

    For 30 days$240

    Russia 3000 IP

    3000 IP

    Russian proxy. Best proxy, great speed.

    For 30 days$240

    Super Mix 5000 IP

    5000 IP

    All VIP packages, except from mini-packages and American proxies. Big variety of proxies. Cheap price.

    For 30 days$400

    FinePROXY Statistics


    > 30 000
    ...customers used our services since 2011.


    > 1800
    ...positive feedback from our customers.


    > 1500 ТБ
    ...of traffic per month at a speed of 6 Gb/s our customers "pumps" through us.


    > 100 000 IP lists.

    Tariff plans

    7 from 10
    ...customers are switching to a tariff increase without waiting for the end of the previous one.


    > 400
    ...servers in our own data center.


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    Bruce Robertson

    Awesome service. The proxies are available in a short while after the payment. Having a lot of IP`s makes my work more productive. I appreciate a good speed and unlimited traffic as well.

    Steven Nicholson

    Exclusive proxy package. Provides excellent speed, no traffic restrictions. Affordable price. In one word an excellent service. I’ve never met on the Internet anything like this. Thank you for quality content.

    Denni Rigg

    Very decent service, took a mixed package of primary level, were satisfied. The speed is fully consistent. All the protocols I need are supported. Breakages and ”slowdowns ” for all the time of use was not observed. In general, a great option for those who do not like to flaunt their activity on the network. I can only recommend the guys doing their job.

    Why our proxy servers?

    •  We are on a market since 2011
    • So far we’ve already managed to get over 22 000 clients by our side.
    • We are trusted by customers from 69 countries: Russia, Ukraine, USA, Canada, England, Germany, Brazil, Italy, Spain, South Korea, Estonia and others.
    • If you are not satisfied with the outcome, then you will get your money back during 24 hours upon release of payment.
    • We have own Data Center in Kaluga (Russian Federation)
    • We ensure server hosting in Data Centers located worldwide.
    • Unlimited Traffic
    • Each package contains several IP subnetworks depending on the package features.
    • We host servers in several cities depending on the package features.
    • ll of our proxies are exclusive and highly anonymous.
    • We support the following protocols: HTTP/HTTPS/Socks4/Socks5
    • Our proxy servers are compatible with all the OS such as: Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10), Linux, Mac OS, Android, iOS
    • Regular promotions and purchase or extension discounts.
    • You will be instantly granted an access to your account from proxy to your email once you release the payment.
    • 24/7 Support
    • Available payment methods: WebMoney, QIWI, Yandex.Money, PayPal, VISA / Mastercard, MTS, Beeline Terminals, Russian Post, PayPal and some others.

    We are reputable company and we are here to stay!

    • Becoming our client, you will be able to speed up your working processes and earn more money.
    • You will be able fully hide your IP address behind proxy.
    • You will be able to have several accounts in games or social networks at the same time.
    • You will also be able to load test of your website or application


    Becoming our client, you will get a bonus and cheaper extension to all tariffs. Buy once and then pay less.

    If you are our current client, then you will get 7 days rent-free on top of the 1st month of server hosting when purchasing server from us.

    It is a real bargain!

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    More about FinePROXY

    We know that our proxies cost more than some others. However, we provide our clients with a whole range of different opportunities without a need to sacrifice a speed. We buy and rent the only best and newest servers equipment available and we hire the real professionals to work with us. You will get excellent proxies with high-quality technical support.

    In addition, extension of hosting period will be cheaper.

    Become our client today. We can’t guarantee that tomorrow the hosting cost will be the same for new clients as proxy hosting business requires substantial investments and great resources to be used. So, hurry up!

    SEVEN people have already become our customers, and THREE have extended the account validity while you are viewing this page ...