Wearable computer is a type of computing device worn on the body, such as watches, glasses, contact lenses, rings, earrings, and even clothing. These computers are designed to interact with the user and surrounding environment, collecting and responding to data. They are particularly useful for applications such as navigation, augmented reality, and healthcare monitoring.


The first wearable computer was created by mathematician and engineer Steve Mann in the late 1970s. His invention, called the “WearComp”, was a computerized eyeglass that was connected to a backpack that contained the CPU and storage. Wearable computers have become increasingly more sophisticated as technology has advanced.


There are several types of wearable computers, including:

Smartwatches: These devices look like a traditional watch but contain more features, such as Bluetooth connectivity, activity tracking, and app support.

Gloves/Rings: These wearable computers are designed to be worn on the hands, typically used for motion tracking and manipulation.

Eyeglasses/Contact Lenses: These wearables are designed to be worn either as a pair of glasses or contact lenses. They can be used for navigation and augmented reality.

Wristband/Bandwidth: These are worn on the wrist to track activity, such as distance traveled or calories consumed.


Wearable computers offer many advantages such as:

Convenience: They are designed to be extremely portable and lightweight, and can often be worn without taking up too much space.

Interaction: Wearable computers are designed to interact with the wearer and environment, providing an unprecedented level of feedback.

Health monitoring: Wearables are able to track a variety of vital statistics, providing users with an unprecedented level of health information.


Wearable computers also come with some disadvantages, such as:

Cost: Due to their complex nature, wearable computers can be quite expensive.

Durability: Wearables are often made of materials that are easily damaged or broken.

Privacy: Wearable computers often contain sensitive data that may be vulnerable to unauthorized access.

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