Middleware is a computer software used to facilitate communication and data sharing between two stand-alone applications. It acts as an intermediary between two separate applications and serves to bridge communication between them. Middleware is commonly used in order to enable the development of distributed applications, or to add extra features and functionality to existing applications.

Middleware is typically used in distributed computing networks. It provides a common platform for applications across different platforms and helps them to interact seamlessly with each other. It can also be used to streamline communication between client and server systems.

Middleware is generally a layer between an application server and a database. It communicates with the database to access data stored within and can also be used to manage the data from an application. It can also be used to handle tasks such as security, authentication, and data transformation.

Middleware can be divided into two categories: application-level middleware and service-oriented middleware. Application-level middleware is used to enable communication between two applications on a single machine. Service-oriented middleware is used to develop distributed applications across multiple machines, enabling communication across different platforms.

Middleware can be implemented in a variety of ways. Examples include message-oriented middleware, object request brokers, remote object invocation, web-based services, enterprise application integration (EAI) suites, and mobile middleware.

Middleware is an essential component of the modern computing landscape. It enables different applications to interact, to connect across platforms, to access services and data, and to streamline the development of distributed applications. It is a powerful tool that provides greater flexibility and efficiency in computing networks.

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