Hybrid OLAP (HOLAP) is a type of online analytical processing (OLAP) technology used to store both multidimensional data and relational data in one architecture. This type of OLAP is the combination of relational OLAP (ROLAP) and multi-dimensional OLAP (MOLAP) and allows for the query of either type of OLAP for analysis.

HOLAP uses a hybrid storage method to store data. Data is stored in both a relational and multidimensional structure, which allows for the ability to store and work with larger amounts of data. A HOLAP environment can also use cubes for query optimization and faster data processing. By using both models, HOLAP provides users with fast access to both detailed data from a relational model and summarized data from a multidimensional model.

Since HOLAP is a combination of two other OLAP technologies, it has many advantages. One advantage is that it offers increased storage capabilities over traditional OLAP technologies. Because of the hybrid architecture, HOLAP is better suited to handle large multidimensional databases.

Another advantage of HOLAP is its ability to perform both aggregation and exploration on the same data set. This benefit accelerates analytical query performance because the data is available within a single frame. HOLAP can also offer real-time data analysis by allowing users to gain quick insight into their data.

HOLAP does have some disadvantages, however. One drawback is its complexity. Because it requires knowledge and understanding of both relational and multidimensional models, HOLAP may be difficult to use for non-technical users. Additionally, HOLAP requires more hardware resources than either ROLAP or MOLAP, so the cost of HOLAP should be considered carefully before investing in the technology.

Overall, HOLAP is a powerful online analytical processing technology that offers a hybrid approach to hosting and utilizing multidimensional data and relational data. With the advantages of increased storage capabilities, real-time data analysis, and aggregation and exploration on the same data set, HOLAP can offer users an extensive means to process and query data for better insight.

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