Disclaimer: All data in this article is sourced from public information and the company’s own website. This article is not an advertisement or a call for purchase, and it aims to present Smartproxy in an unbiased light.

In a world dominated by data, the importance of proxies has skyrocketed, providing an extra layer of security and enabling effective web scraping. Smartproxy is one service that claims to offer robust proxy management features along with competitive pricing. But does it live up to the hype? In this article, we dissect Smartproxy’s various offerings to help you make an informed decision.

Dashboard and User Interface

Smartproxy provides a user-friendly dashboard packed with essential functionalities:

  • Adding funds to the Smartproxy wallet
  • Purchasing and upgrading plans
  • Authorizing proxy access
  • Setting up proxy servers
  • Creating sub-users
  • Monitoring traffic
  • Customer support access

The dashboard is organized by service type—Datacenter, Residential Proxies, and Web Scraping tools. Navigating to a particular product is easy: to access Mobile Proxies, simply go to Residential Proxies and select the option from the dropdown.

However, users must open separate tabs for each product, which could be a minor inconvenience.

Subscription Management

Smartproxy has made the subscription process straightforward. Payment can be done in two ways:

  1. Direct payment via Credit Card, PayPal, etc.
  2. Adding money to the Smartproxy Wallet and using that for purchases.

The dashboard also includes a ‘Smart Plan Recommendation’ tool, which suggests suitable plans based on user input. For businesses or individuals who need to manage their expenditures, a separate billing section is also available.

Proxy Management

Smartproxy offers a simplified setup process:

  • User creation or IP whitelisting
  • Proxy server filtering through an intuitive widget
    • Location, OS, rotation time, protocol, output format
  • Endpoint generation or IP assignment

Additionally, the service generates code samples in multiple languages for easier integration into web scraping scripts.

Note: Smartproxy automatically generates passwords for proxy users, which some users may find limiting.

Usage Tracking

Smartproxy’s dashboard comes equipped with visual graphs showcasing:

  • Traffic usage
  • Number of requests
  • Timeframe filters: 24 hours, week, month, or custom

This data is also accessible via API calls, providing programmatic control.


Smartproxy has a comprehensive documentation hub:

  • A detailed start guide
  • FAQ section
  • Integration guides
  • Configuration guides

While some content may be outdated, the documentation is generally well-organized and helpful.

Customer Support

Available 24/7 through email and live chat, Smartproxy’s customer service has been praised for its quick and competent responses. The main language is English, but support for other languages is provided through translation tools.


Smartproxy offers a balanced package of performance, user-friendliness, and competitive pricing. While it may not offer niche functionalities like some competitors, it focuses on delivering features that cater to the majority of users.


  • Oxylabs: A premium service with a larger IP pool and specialized APIs.
  • Bright Data: More features and powerful proxy management tools.
  • PacketStream: Cheaper residential proxies with rotation and sticky sessions.

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