For both newcomers and seasoned sneaker enthusiasts, the allure of sneaker raffles is undeniable. These raffles not only offer the chance to snag highly coveted releases but also provide a relatively effortless way to boost resale profits. However, navigating the world of sneaker raffles requires knowledge of how to secure those wins, where to discover these opportunities, the entry process, and the role of specific apps that can enhance your chances of success. This article covers all these essential aspects, and you can use the table of contents to navigate directly to the sections that pique your interest.

Sneaker Raffles — Comprehensive Guide

What Are Sneaker Raffles?

Sneaker raffles present a fresh approach for sneaker enthusiasts to acquire highly sought-after footwear without resorting to exorbitant prices.

When sneaker manufacturers or retailers introduce a new lineup of shoes, they aim to ensure that everyone has a fair shot at purchasing these kicks. Given that hyped sneakers tend to sell out rapidly, many enthusiasts miss out on their desired pairs. To address this, retailers host raffles or “draws” to grant everyone an equal opportunity to make a purchase.

Typically, well-known retailers organize these raffles on their websites, mobile apps, or physical stores. Winning a raffle doesn’t mean you receive a free pair of sneakers; instead, you earn the privilege to buy the pair before it becomes available to the general public.

How Do Sneaker Raffles Work?

A sneaker raffle operates akin to a lottery, where you purchase a ticket and await the retailer’s selection of a winner. However, the key distinction lies in the fact that you’re not purchasing the actual shoes but rather entering the raffle itself.

If you emerge victorious in the raffle, your name will be announced, and you typically need to confirm your email address to proceed with the purchase. It’s advisable to only participate in raffles for sneakers you genuinely intend to buy. Sneakers come with a significant price tag, so winning a raffle and then failing to seize the opportunity can be a regrettable situation.

There are primarily two types of sneaker raffles:

  1. Online Raffles: These raffles occur on the retailer’s official websites. You submit an entry using your email address.
  2. In-Store Raffles: These raffles take place within the retailer’s physical store. You participate in the raffle and await the announcement of results. Winning the raffle grants you the chance to purchase the sneakers.

Retailers may offer various sneaker raffle formats based on their specific policies. For instance:

  • Early Day Raffles: Retailers distribute raffle tickets in advance of the release date, with the raffle drawing taking place on the same day.
  • Day-Of Raffles: Retailers instruct interested buyers to visit the store before noon on the sneaker release day to submit their entries. The raffle drawing occurs at noon.
  • Reservation Raffles: In this type, you can visit the retailer’s store ahead of time to reserve your entry. If you win, the retailer will promptly notify you, allowing you to purchase the sneakers from their store, website, or mobile app.
Sneaker Raffles — Comprehensive Guide

The Motivation Behind Retailers Hosting Sneaker Raffles

In recent years, the fervor for sneakers has reached unprecedented heights, resulting in a surge in demand for these coveted footwear items. However, this surge in demand is met with a relatively constrained supply of sneakers, stemming from limitations in manufacturing and distribution capabilities.

Given the inability of manufacturers to produce a sufficient number of pairs to satisfy the overwhelming demand, retailers turn to raffles as an alternative means of providing an equitable opportunity for consumers to purchase these sneakers.

Raffles also offer a safer and more orderly alternative to the chaotic scenes that used to unfold when retailers released sneakers in physical stores without an online purchase option. In the past, individuals would queue up outside stores for extended periods, with some even resorting to camping out. These situations often resulted in confrontations and violence.

Furthermore, retailers opt for sneaker raffles to nurture and sustain customer loyalty. Consider a scenario where Nike releases a highly sought-after pair of sneakers that swiftly sell out both in-store and online within hours of release. Customers residing in areas lacking Nike stores or those who couldn’t access the website might feel disadvantaged. However, with a raffle system in place, these customers have an improved chance of securing the desired sneakers by submitting their entry in advance. By embracing raffles, brands convey a message to their customers that they are committed to providing an equitable chance for everyone to acquire their preferred pair.

While raffles primarily benefit regular buyers, they also prove highly lucrative for sneaker resellers. Resellers can participate in sneaker raffles to enhance their chances of gaining the opportunity to purchase highly sought-after sneakers. During a typical release, resellers contend with a vast number of buyers, and even a slight delay could result in missing out on a pair with significant resale potential. Raffles offer resellers a secure entry and a fair chance to obtain these coveted sneakers, without the need for automated bots.

How to Participate in Sneaker Raffles: Your Step-by-Step Guide

Entering sneaker raffles can vary depending on the shoes you’re eyeing. Retailers often provide different methods to participate, but your most reliable option is to engage in a sneaker raffle through the official website or app of the retailer. Below, we outline some popular options:


  • Adidas CONFIRMED is the official app for Adidas raffles, granting access to sneaker releases from Adidas Originals brands and partners like Craig Green, YEEZY, Pharrell, Prada, and Human Made.
  • Keep an eye on the app for upcoming release information, and when notified of a new drop, check if there will be an associated raffle and the entry process.
  • To streamline your entry, it’s advisable to pre-register with your payment details and email address, ensuring a swift participation experience.


  • Nike SNKRS is Nike’s official shoe app, offering a wide range of sneaker raffles and comprehensive information on other sneaker releases.
  • Typically, raffles on this platform take place at 8 a.m. on the sneaker release date. Ensure you’re registered with Nike SNKRS using your email address, and be prepared to provide your payment details.
  • As you become a more frequent user, you might gain access to the “Exclusive Access” feature, allowing you to purchase select pairs before the general release.

Online Raffles:

  • Online raffles are conducted through various websites, sneaker forums, or dedicated Reddit groups focused on sneakers.
  • Similar to other raffles, you should pre-register with your payment details and email address.
  • Keep in mind that online raffle availability can vary by store. For instance, Nike does not typically host raffles on its online store, while Adidas and Supreme often do.
  • Online raffles are generally straightforward; you’ll need to enter your contact information, address, name, and email address on the retailer’s website. If you win, the retailer will contact you to arrange payment for your desired sneakers.

In-Store Raffles:

  • Participating in in-store raffles requires you to physically visit the retailer’s store on the designated release day.
  • Depending on the retailer’s requirements, you may need to provide basic details such as your name, address, payment information, and email address.
  • Once you’ve submitted your entry, you’ll await the results. If you win the raffle, the retailer might allow you to make the purchase immediately.
  • Since most raffles have shifted online, in-store raffles tend to be less competitive.

By following these steps and understanding the entry process for different raffles, you can enhance your chances of securing those coveted sneakers.

How to Discover Upcoming Sneaker Raffles

Equipping yourself with top-notch bots and proxies is just part of the equation; knowing which raffles are on the horizon is equally crucial. Raffles typically have short entry windows, often spanning just a few hours or a single day. Therefore, staying informed about upcoming opportunities is paramount. Whether you already have a network of sneaker enthusiasts or you’re venturing into the resale market, here’s how to find sneaker raffles:

Sneaker Cook Groups

Joining a sneaker cook group is a strategic move. These communities are comprised of passionate sneakerheads who share valuable insights and raffle links.

Members often provide real-time updates on upcoming raffles, even if they have tight entry windows. They also offer guidance on increasing your chances of winning.

In these groups, you can access curated sneaker raffle lists and discover useful apps and websites for mastering the art of entering and winning raffles.

Social Media

Social media platforms like Twitter host a vibrant community of sneaker enthusiasts. Keep an eye out for users who regularly post raffle entries or employ hashtags like #raffle or #raffles.

Engaging with these sneakerhead groups on social media is an excellent way to network with fellow enthusiasts and stay updated on upcoming raffles.

Rayobyte’s Discord Channel is a valuable resource for learning about proxy use in sneaker copping and mastering raffles. Following us on Twitter will also provide updates on sneaker proxies and related topics, including winning sneaker raffles, copping sneakers, and reselling.

News Sites

Occasionally, sneaker raffles extend over several days or even a week, offering a more relaxed entry process. Be sure to read the rules attentively to meet the entry deadlines.

Retailer Websites

Many retailers share information about upcoming raffles on their official websites or apps. Make it a habit to check these sources regularly.

Following the social media accounts of retailers is another effective way to stay informed about future releases and raffles.

By tapping into these sources and communities, you’ll be well-equipped to stay ahead in the world of sneaker raffles, increasing your chances of securing those coveted pairs.

Sneaker Raffles — Comprehensive Guide

How to Register for Sneaker Raffles

Mastering the art of signing up for sneaker raffles is essential to ensure you never miss out on a coveted pair of kicks. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get started:

1. Provide Your Name

When signing up with a retailer for a sneaker raffle, it’s crucial to use your real name to avoid any complications down the line.

2. Share Your Address

Sneaker raffles typically require your address to facilitate smooth shipping directly to your home or workplace. For optimal results, provide a residential address instead of a P.O. Box or office address to minimize potential shipping challenges.

3. Register Your Email

An email address is a must for raffles that send daily updates via email. This ensures you stay informed about upcoming release dates and entry deadlines.

4. Provide a Telephone Number (If Requested)

Some sneaker raffles may request a phone number for identity confirmation purposes. Be prepared to provide it if necessary.

5. Payment Information

Most raffles will require your payment details to charge you when it’s time to ship the shoes. Alternatively, explore payment options such as PayPal or Apple Pay, which can facilitate purchases without disclosing your bank account information.

Once you’ve supplied these essential details, your entry into the raffle will be counted. Entry timelines may vary based on the retailer, allowing you to participate on the release date or beforehand.

How to Confirm Your Sneaker Raffle Win

Determining whether you’ve won a sneaker raffle depends on the retailer and the specific raffle format. Here’s what to expect:

In-Store Raffles

If you’ve entered an in-store raffle, you may receive immediate notification if you’ve secured a pair. Retail staff could inform you on the spot about your victory.

Online Raffles

Online raffles usually involve receiving an email notification if you’ve won. Retailers may also reach out via social media or their customer support team to convey the good news.

Purchasing the Sneakers

The process of buying the sneakers varies between retailers. Most will enable online purchases, while others might require in-person visits to their physical stores or provide vouchers for in-store redemption.

You’ll typically receive an early access link, granting you the privilege of purchasing the sneakers before they become available to the general public.

In some cases, the retailer may authorize a pre-charge on your bank account. This means the purchase will proceed only if you secure the raffle win; otherwise, you won’t be charged.

Always familiarize yourself with the raffle’s rules and procedures in advance, especially regarding the post-win process. Understand how to complete the purchase, whether it’s automatic or if you’ll receive a link for early access to the website. By being well-prepared, you’ll maximize your chances of successfully securing your desired sneakers.

Sneaker Raffles — Comprehensive Guide

What Are Your Odds of Winning Sneaker Raffles?

Your chances of securing a victory in sneaker raffles hinge on several key factors:

Availability: The number of sneakers up for grabs plays a crucial role. Limited pairs result in heightened competition, reducing your chances of winning. Conversely, a retailer with ample stock may conduct more raffle drawings, increasing your odds.

Demand: The level of demand for the sneakers is a significant determinant. In high-demand scenarios, you’ll face fierce competition from fellow sneakerheads and resellers. In contrast, less-hyped sneakers attract fewer participants, improving your odds.

Number of Participants: The total number of entrants directly affects your chances. More entries translate to slimmer odds of winning.

How to Enhance Your Success in Sneaker Raffles

Winning sneaker raffles is particularly vital for resellers, offering the opportunity to profit from their victories. While raffles are largely luck-based, there are strategies to boost your odds:

1. Submit Multiple Entries:

  • Relying on a single account provides minimal chances of winning due to the intense competition. To improve your prospects, create multiple accounts and submit numerous entries.
  • If raffle entries require unique email addresses, consider using friends’ or family members’ addresses to increase your participation. For frequent sneaker copping, consider setting up additional email accounts exclusively for raffles.
  • Some websites restrict multiple entries from the same IP address. Overcome this limitation by using different devices or computers, or employ proxies to submit multiple entries from a single device. Further details on proxy usage are provided below.

2. Utilize Proxies:

  • Proxies can be invaluable for circumventing IP restrictions and expanding your raffle entries. These tools enable you to mask your IP address, making it appear as though you’re entering from various locations.
  • Employing proxies allows you to send multiple entries from the same computer without encountering IP-related limitations. This strategy enhances your chances of winning sneaker raffles.

Increasing your odds in sneaker raffles involves a combination of preparation, strategic entry submissions, and the utilization of tools like proxies. By implementing these methods, you can boost your chances of securing coveted pairs of sneakers.

Utilize Sneaker Bots and Proxies

Sneaker bots provide a rapid means of entering raffles at a speed unattainable for humans. However, relying solely on bots may not guarantee success in winning sneaker raffles.

To significantly improve your chances, it’s essential to combine sneaker bots with proxies. Proxies serve to conceal your IP address, making it appear as if entries are originating from various locations. This combination of sneaker bots and proxies enhances your prospects of securing coveted sneakers.

Residential proxies are particularly valuable in this context, as they have a lower likelihood of being blocked by the retailer’s website. These proxies stem from residential users, and the retailer’s website perceives them as genuine customers. Consequently, websites are less inclined to impose bans on these users. Rayobyte’s residential proxies offer an excellent solution for participating in raffles, providing peace of mind regarding the risk of being banned.

Alternatively, if time is of the essence, Rayobyte’s data center proxies prove suitable. These proxies boast higher speeds than residential ones, enabling you to submit multiple entries for a raffle before its closure.

For those seeking the best of both worlds, ISP proxies, such as Rayobyte’s, offer a compelling choice. These proxies feature impressive speeds of 1 Gbps, ensuring you can partake in raffles without lagging behind other participants.

Sneaker Raffles — Comprehensive Guide

Locate the Appropriate Sneaker Raffle Listings

While numerous sneakers are released each month, not all are worth pursuing. Highly sought-after pairs naturally generate the most significant demand. To maximize your chances, ensure you’re well-informed about these raffles well in advance of their commencement.

If you’re searching for apps that host sneaker raffles and provide timely alerts and notifications, consider downloading the following options, where you can also enter raffles:

  • Sole Retriever Mobile
  • SNS
  • END
  • SVD
  • Adidas Confirmed
  • Nike SNKRS
  • Footpatrol
  • Kith
  • Finish Line
  • Footlocker
  • Footaction
  • Champs Sports

Additionally, repeat users of these apps may gain access to premium features, further enhancing their raffle participation experience.

Sneaker raffles provide an equitable opportunity for all to purchase coveted sneakers without the need to queue outside physical stores. To enhance your odds of winning in sneaker raffles, consider employing bots and proxies, keeping abreast of developments through sneaker cook groups, participating in Discord and other social communities for networking with fellow sneaker enthusiasts, and submitting multiple entries for the raffle.

Proxies can be a valuable tool to amplify your participation in raffles discreetly. Opting for paid proxies is advisable as they deliver greater reliability, speed, and access to customer support. These proxies can be effectively employed for various types of raffles, including in-app and online raffles.

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