How to set up a proxy for individual programs and the entire OS

Many users do not know what the proxy server is and what it is as such. Actual proxy servers are a kind of filter by means of which it is possible not only to keep anonymity in a network, but also to secure the data from theft.

Proxy server in translation into Russian literally sounds like “intermediary”. Technically, it performs this function, but with a little difference – in fact, it is the link between the target host on the network and the computer. And this link receives information from both senders, blocking direct access to the target recipient. Such approach allows to secure the owner of the personal computer, its data, keeps anonymity, after all not only inquiries of the person, but also answers to inquiries of its inquiries arrive on a proxy server, only then going on the personal computer of the user.

Proxy server functionality

How to set up a proxy for individual programs and the entire OS

As mentioned above, the main function of a proxy server is to provide security for the network, data, and personal information.

Quotation: Personal information may include payment information, location information, history of visits to websites, postal correspondence, etc.

Another useful feature is the ability to maintain anonymity on the network.

Finally, the last function that is very important nowadays is the use of proxies to bypass locks. In many countries, there are a number of blockades for Internet users that do not allow visitors to the site, or to the site as a whole, who fall within certain selection criteria. For example, the location is determined by geolocation and can be locked down. Many Russian countries are blocked for Ukrainians (the ban is imposed by the state authorities of Ukraine), or Russians cannot access some Western websites. Bypassing the blocking of sites through a proxy server is very easy. In many cases, the user is checked by their ip address. If ip does not pass “Facebook”, the user is blocked. If you use a proxy, you can replace your ip with a virtual one instead of the real one and thus bypass the bans. And such a possibility exists even for those cases when a particular user was blocked on the site. You can change your ip as many times as you like and most importantly, it is not criminal or illegal.

Options for using proxy server for Skype and other programs

There is another way to apply a proxy server. Skype over Proxy will help you to get the best connection and communication quality. When you connect a proxy to the program, you can achieve not only a more stable connection, but also the absence of clippings, omissions, “sticky” in the process of audio or video conversations.

Configuration is very simple, but it will require from the user certain skills and abilities, primary knowledge of the work on the PC and the basics for understanding the network connection, its principles.

Proxy server for Skype can be connected by going to the program settings and finding the corresponding item, line in which you need to enter the address and port for connecting the proxy.

Quotation: Depending on the Skype version, it is necessary to enter the data to be connected and confirm the operation through this connection by ticking the checkbox.

It should be noted that using a proxy is only useful and relevant when:

  • The incoming and outgoing speeds for proxy connection do not differ too much from the speed of the regular connection;
  • the ping is lower than the normal connection:
  • the proxy server itself is always available.

Otherwise, skype doesn’t work through a proxy or it works with a much lower quality than the normal connection.

Quotation: Many other communication programs, such as discord, teamspeak, any other communication and voice applications, video communications between users imply the possibility of connecting via proxy.

Using proxy in other programs

Proxy is also relevant for other programs. For example, outlook proxy server allows you to access outlook’s e-mail address and user account anonymously and with protection of your data. Simply put, you can browse and download your mail completely anonymously. Similar features are available for other mail services. There the application of proxy is most convenient through the program – the mail client The Bat. Setting up this program as a mail server, and then setting up a proxy in the program, will allow you to have a secure connection to your mail at all times.

In case the user is interested:

  • anonymity while surfing the web;
  • protection of personal data and site visit history;
  • Bypassing the blocking of sites, you should prefer to install proxy extensions for browsers or configure the proxy server in the browser.

Configuring proxy in your browser

How to set up a proxy for individual programs and the entire OS

There are several settings options for your browser. Rather, they differ in complexity and the necessary knowledge and skills of the user. Depending on the complexity of the installation, the functionality of the proxy server also varies.

Thus, full-featured individual programs allow you to connect the entire PC, all installed on it programs via proxy. Simply put, the normal network connection is replaced by a proxy server connection. This will allow all requests from installed programs to pass through the proxy.

If such a connection is unnecessary, it is worth changing the proxy in the browser, but only. It can be used for this purpose:

  • manual settings or automatic settings provided by the proxy server itself;
  • installation of full-fledged programs, as it was already mentioned, implying the substitution of the current connection to the proxy server;
  • installation of specialized browsers or extensions.

In the first case, the user will need some skills and knowledge in the field of network technologies – he or she needs to register the data for connection or use the file of automatic connection configuration. Not always a convenient, but always a working way.

The second variant using proxy settings by means of separate programs is described above – it is inconvenient if the proxy server is needed only for surfing over the network.

The third option implies the use of specialized browsers and extensions to them. Specialized browsers, such as opera and torus, already have a built-in proxy function. It is enough to install them and, if necessary, enable the proxy function. When not needed, it can also be disabled in one click.

If the user is used to other browsers such as chrome, cornea, yandex and others, then it is worth using a proxy extension. Their installation does not take much time and does not require specific knowledge. Enabling and disabling the proxy by means of extensions is not only fast, but also convenient – literally in one click. A wide range of these extensions will allow the user to choose the optimal one or replace it, if the quality of proxy server connection becomes low.

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