Uzbekistan, emerging as a notable player in the IT sector, offers unique opportunities for digital businesses and professionals. This article delves into the reasons to buy and use proxies in Uzbekistan, highlighting its growing internet infrastructure, hosting services, and online marketplace.

Internet Service Providers in Uzbekistan

5 Reasons to Buy and Use Proxies in Uzbekistan

Overview of ISPs

Uzbekistan boasts a range of Internet Service Providers (ISPs), each offering unique packages tailored to different needs. Key players include:

  1. Uztelecom: The largest ISP, known for its widespread coverage.
  2. Beeline: Popular for its high-speed internet packages.
  3. Ucell: Offers competitive pricing and excellent customer service.

Impact on Proxy Usage

The diversity in ISPs ensures reliable and fast internet connections, essential for efficient proxy usage. This allows users to maintain stable online operations, a critical factor for businesses and individuals relying on proxies for their online activities.

Hosting Companies in Uzbekistan

Leading Hosting Services

Uzbekistan’s hosting market is vibrant, with companies offering varied services. Prominent ones include:

  1. SharkHost: Renowned for its robust server infrastructure.
  2. UzHosting: Offers a range of hosting solutions with excellent uptime.

Relevance to Proxy Users

Reliable hosting services in Uzbekistan ensure that your proxy-related activities are backed by strong server support, minimizing downtime and enhancing performance.

Internet Speed and Connectivity

Current State of Internet Speed

Uzbekistan’s average internet speed is steadily increasing, currently around 20 Mbps. This is sufficient for most online activities, including the effective use of proxies.

Significance for Proxies

Higher internet speeds in Uzbekistan translate to quicker and more efficient proxy operations, ensuring that tasks like web scraping, data mining, and online anonymity are effectively managed.

Popular Online Stores and Services

Top E-Commerce Platforms

E-commerce is rapidly growing in Uzbekistan. The most popular platforms include:

  1. A leading marketplace for a wide range of products.
  2. Known for electronics and fashion items.

Proxy Usage in E-Commerce

Proxies play a crucial role in accessing geo-restricted content and managing multiple accounts, which is particularly beneficial for businesses operating on these platforms.

Internet Availability and Pervasiveness

Internet Penetration Rate

Internet penetration in Uzbekistan is increasing, with over 60% of the population now having access to the internet.

Impact on Proxy Market

The widespread availability of the internet enhances the demand for proxies, as more people and businesses go online, seeking privacy, security, and unrestricted access to global content.

5 Reasons to Buy and Use Proxies in Uzbekistan


Uzbekistan’s growing IT infrastructure, with its reliable ISPs, hosting services, increasing internet speed, and booming online market, makes it an ideal location for buying and using proxies. Whether for business or personal use, proxies in Uzbekistan offer enhanced security, privacy, and access to a world of unrestricted internet content.

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