Armenia, with its expanding presence in the IT world, offers numerous opportunities for leveraging proxies. This article explores five compelling reasons to use proxies in Armenia, supported by current facts and statistics.

1. Diverse Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

Armenia hosts several ISPs, including Ucom, Rostelecom, Team Telecom Armenia, and Viva-MTS for mobile modems. Ucom is the fastest provider in both fixed and mobile services, leading in IPTV and the fixed internet market. This diversity ensures users have multiple options for high-quality internet services, essential for reliable proxy usage.

Ucom’s 4G+ Network

Ucom’s 4G+ network covers 55.7% of the population, offering up to 250 Mbps download speeds in Yerevan and extending to other regions. This network’s expansion is crucial for proxy users requiring fast and stable connections.

2. Impressive Internet Speeds

5 Reasons to Buy and Use Proxies in Armenia

Armenia’s average internet speeds are noteworthy. For fixed-network broadband, the average download speed is 44.96 Mbps, with an upload speed of 43.45 Mbps. In Yerevan, the median mobile download speed is 27.74 Mbps, and the fixed broadband download speed is 49.04 Mbps. These speeds are conducive for proxy operations, especially in data-intensive tasks.

3. Popular Online Stores and Services

E-commerce and online services are thriving in Armenia. Popular platforms include Aliexpress, Amazon, eBay, Google Play, App Store, and local sites like and This burgeoning online marketplace makes Armenia an ideal location for businesses utilizing proxies for market research, SEO, and competitive analysis.

4. High Internet Availability and Pervasiveness

5 Reasons to Buy and Use Proxies in Armenia

Internet access in Armenia is widespread, with 96% of households having at least basic internet access. This widespread availability is consistent across urban and rural areas, indicating a well-developed internet infrastructure. Such high internet penetration is beneficial for proxy users who rely on consistent and ubiquitous online access.

5. Supportive IT Infrastructure

The first major commercial ISP in Armenia, Arminco, established in 1992, provides extensive internet services via a fiber optical backbone covering the capital and other regions. Armenia’s progressive IT infrastructure supports the efficient use of proxies for various online activities, including web scraping, data privacy, and accessing geo-restricted content.


Armenia’s robust IT landscape, characterized by diverse ISPs, impressive internet speeds, a thriving online marketplace, extensive internet availability, and a supportive IT infrastructure, makes it an attractive location for buying and using proxies. Whether for business or personal use, proxies in Armenia offer a gateway to a fast, reliable, and expansive online experience.

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