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What is Whoer.net?

A website that provides tools to analyze various aspects of a website’s performance, including SEO-related factors such as IP address location, server speed, SSL certificate, and more.

How can Whoer.net be used to enhance online privacy?

Use Whoer.net to enhance online privacy by:
– Checking your IP address and revealing information it exposes.
– Conducting a DNS lookup to assess DNS leaks.
– Analyzing browser headers that may reveal identifying information.
– Testing your Internet connection for vulnerabilities.
– Evaluating the strength of your SSL/TLS encryption.
– Examining the presence of WebRTC leaks.
– Performing a speed test to assess your connection’s performance.

What is the Whoer.net IP checker and how does it work?

Whoer.net IP checker is an online tool that allows you to determine the IP address of your device and gather information about it. It provides details such as IP location, ISP, proxy status, and more. It works by analyzing the connection between your device and the Whoer.net server to retrieve the necessary information.

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