PUM (pronounced pumm) is a computer programming language created in 1974. It is an acronym for Pascal User-defined Macros, and was the first general-purpose scripting language designed for the Pascal programming language.

The language was developed as a tool to allow Pascal users to write and execute code more quickly, and consists of a blend of system and user-defined commands. PUM is an interpreted language, meaning that the code is compiled and executed on the fly, as opposed to compiled languages such as C++ and Java. This allow allows for fast development, but can also result in slower execution performance.

PUM was designed with Pascal as its base due to the fact that, at the time of its creation, Pascal was the most popular programming language in use. Although not as popular as Pascal was at the time of its creation, PUM is still in use today in various forms, including the web scripting language ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML).

PUM is a relatively simple language, making it easy to learn and use. Its feature set is mainly comprised of user-defined commands and functions. Though it lacks many of the features that more modern programming languages have, such as object-orientation, PUM is still able to perform basic and intermediate programming tasks though its scripting capabilities.

In addition, PUM has been modified and improved over the years, creating a spin-off language called PUMOOP (Pascal User-defined Macros Object-Oriented Programming). This variation was developed to provide users with a more modern, object-oriented language.

Though PUM was never as popular as other programming languages, its ease of use and straightforward syntax has made it a staple for many programmers over the years. It is a valuable tool for those who need to quickly and easily execute code without the need for complex programming language features. Ultimately, PUM can be a great choice for users creating scripts or simple programs that need to be executed quickly and responsively.

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