OLAP Database

OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing) is a database technology designed to quickly return multi-dimensional analytical data. It is used to analyze business performance, provide insights, reveal trends, and extract summaries for decision-making. OLAP is a component of data warehouse solutions and can generally be broken down into three parts – data storage, query and analysis, and reporting.

Data Storage

The storage of data is the basis of any analytical process. With an OLAP database, the way data is stored differs significantly from traditional database technology. OLAP databases utilize multidimensional data storage and organization, resulting in simplified queries and fast results. Data is organized in cubes – collections of related data – and can be identified by categories such as product, time, or region. Data can be placed in categories along multiple axes (dimensions) for easy retrieval.

Query and Analysis

A major benefit of an OLAP database is the ability to quickly analyze data. The multidimensional data structure means that basic queries can be performed almost instantaneously. Queries can then be further refined for more complex analytics, enabling the ability to quickly identify patterns, reveal insights, detect trends, and detect errors.


OLAP databases allow users to easily generate reports in various formats. Reports can be created quickly and easily with little effort on the part of users. Reports can also be generated in multiple levels of detail, allowing users to easily view data at varying levels of granularity. Additionally, OLAP databases can generate summaries which can be used to quickly make decisions.


OALP databases are an invaluable tool for businesses and their decision-making processes. The use of data cubes and multidimensional data storage streamlines data retrieval, enabling quick analysis and decision-making. Reports can quickly be generated in various formats, allowing for granular visibility into complex data sets. OLAP databases reduce the amount of time and effort required for analysis and provide the insights necessary for intelligent decision-making.

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