IPv4 Proxy

IPv4 Proxy is a technology which allows two computers to communicate with each other via the Internet Protocol Version 4, commonly known as IP or IP4. This proxy allows computers to communicate with each other, even when the computers are located in different networks or are behind firewalls.

Proxy servers also allow users to access a remote network from a local computer, making it possible to access services from a different network, such as the internet. This way, two computers can share information, such as files or webpages, without being directly connected by a network cable or physically at the same location. In addition, proxy servers can increase the security of a connection, by acting as an intermediary between the two computers, hiding the IP address of the one making the request.

The proxy is used mostly by IT professionals and computer experts, as it provides a great degree of flexibility, allowing users to bypass restrictions imposed on certain IP addresses, or to make sure that their activities do not appear in the other user’s network log. It is also used for anonymously accessing websites, in order to hide the user’s identity, as the website will see the proxy IP address instead of the user’s own address.

The proxy usually works on a LAN (Local Area Network) or a WAN (Wide area network) and is typically placed in between two networks, or used to establish connections between them. It is also used in online gaming, to better the connection speed, and improve the rate of communications.

Proxy servers can be used for a wide variety of tasks, making it an essential technology for any network, and one of the most popular and used protocols for communication between two computers.

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