is a website specializing in a wide range of proxy services. Founded in 2017, it quickly gained popularity due to its comprehensive offerings in internet anonymity and privacy.

Key Products and Services

  1. Datacenter Proxies: These premium proxies are designed for various applications including SEO monitoring, ad verification, and brand protection. They offer rapid response times, unlimited bandwidth, and are available in multiple countries.
  2. Proxy Scraper: This tool gathers free proxies from the internet. These free proxies are available for download but are limited for unregistered users.
  3. Rotating Proxies: The rotating proxy system ensures that each request provides a new IP address within less than 500 milliseconds, offering a high degree of anonymity.

Features and Benefits

  • Anonymity: Ghostealth proxies provide a high level of anonymity, making them ideal for various online activities.
  • Reliability: The site ensures the reliability of its servers with high uptime.
  • Global Reach: Offers proxies from different world regions, catering to international users.
  • Diverse Pricing Plans: The site provides flexible pricing plans suitable for beginners to professionals.

Target Audience targets a broad range of users, including developers, SEO specialists, marketers, and companies engaged in brand protection and market research.

Conclusion offers a comprehensive solution for users seeking reliable and effective proxy services. It caters to a wide range of tasks related to internet anonymity and security.

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