A digital camera, or digicam, is a camera that captures and stores digital images. Digital cameras are capable of recording images from a wide range of sources including light sources, external scenes, and subjects. They are used for many tasks, including taking pictures as well as recording video and sound.

Digital cameras typically utilize a charge-coupled device (CCD) or a complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) image sensor to convert light into a series of electrical signals. The size and resolution of the image sensor determine the image quality that can be obtained with the digital camera. Larger image sensors typically yield better image quality, while those with small sensors can create more noise.

In addition to the image sensor, digital cameras contain additional portions such as the lens, viewfinder, memory, and display screen. The lens of the camera is used to focus the light onto the image sensor, while the viewfinder is used to preview the scene. Memory is typically used in the form of an internal memory card or an external memory card. This allows the user to store images without having to transfer the data directly to a computer. The display screen is used to view the captured images without having to connect the camera to a computer.

Digital cameras typically come in both compact and interchangeable lens varieties. Compact digital cameras are smaller, pocket-sized devices with a fixed lens. Interchangeable-lens digital cameras are larger and feature lenses that can be swapped out. They generally produce higher-quality photos than compact cameras due to their larger sensors and greater range of interchangeable lenses.

Digital cameras are becoming increasingly popular for a variety of applications. They are used for amateur photography, professional photography, blogging, and even cinematography. They are also rapidly replacing traditional film cameras for many types of tasks.

Digital cameras have revolutionized the way in which people capture photos and videos. This technology has made it more convenient and accessible than ever before to create and share beautiful images.

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