Proxy is a popular and convenient solution for solving problems of blocking sites, anonymity in the network and preservation of your confidential data. The main advantage of proxy is its legitimacy and the ability to use it on any computer, both home and work.

What is a proxy?

Proxy management allows you to secure not only your own data on your computer, but also your traffic. Both inbound and outbound. This will protect you from all sorts of network scammers and a variety of malicious programs, whose main task is to steal user data.

A proxy is translated as an intermediary and is. If, with a normal connection, all traffic from the user to the target site and then back to the user’s computer, then, with a proxy, all traffic, both inbound and outbound, goes first to the proxy server and only then to the recipients. Of course, the appearance of a new element of the chain does not accelerate the work, on the contrary – slows down. But with such a connection you can protect yourself from fraudsters and protect your data from theft.

Installing a network connection through a proxy allows you to bypass most of the existing site blocks. For example, if a user from Russia cannot access a certain site that is not available to Russians, setting a proxy will bypass the blocking. The user will be able to use another IP address, which belongs, for example, to a resident of a European country or even Australia. Substitution of a real address with a virtual one will allow you to easily access the site and use all its content. The same situation is also in case if the user was blocked on the site by his ip. Replacing it will allow you to regain access.

Installation options proxy for browsers

If you need to install a proxy, you need to decide what type of application you need and for what purpose. Today, free proxy servers are most often used exclusively for surfing over the network. And as a consequence, you do not need to install full versions of the proxy – it is enough just to set up a browser for such a connection. The existing variants of proxy settings and connections to the browser imply:

  • manual setting of parameters;
  • automatic tuning;
  • use of built-in functions;
  • use of extensions.

In the first case, the user has to change the connection settings and enter new values.

Quotation: The values for connecting to a proxy server must be on the proxy site or in the instructions for connecting to it.

This method is problematic because inexperienced users often confuse the parameters, cannot set up a connection through a proxy, and then return the default settings, thereby depriving themselves of the opportunity to log on to the network.

You can reset the proxy and return to the default settings. All you have to do is write them down in advance. However, there is also a second way to configure it – automatic. In this case, only the configuration file is required for the configuration. This method is much easier, though it requires some theoretical training. However, its disadvantage is that it is rare that proxy servers offer the option to configure the connection through an automatic configuration file.

Finally, the third way is to use browsers that already have proxy functionality. To do this, you just need to install a browser in the system, and you can already use its functionality.

Quotation: An example of browsers that have built-in proxy functions is Tor and Opera.

The latter method suggests using proxy extensions. This is currently the easiest way to ensure anonymity on the network, bypass lockouts and spend a minimum of time setting up the configuration.

Proxy setting in the chrome browser and others

In order to install an extension in your browser, you need to go to the extension download page. You can find them in the context menu of your browser or through the settings panel. In the search line you should type in the keyword “proxy, proxy” and press the search key. It is more likely that the user will be offered several dozen different variants.

Proxy browser extensions do not differ significantly from each other. The only difference is the ease of management, the ability to select a specific ip to replace your real ip or the additional functionality that is usually available at extra cost.

Enabling proxy in this case is performed with just a few mouse clicks; similarly, it is turned off.

Quotation: For convenience, the user can use several browsers on the computer – one with a proxy, the other with the usual one, or activate and deactivate the function in one.

As for the peculiarities of choosing a proxy – it is worth comparing a few, before stopping at any particular. It is necessary to check which of the offered proxies has the best speed and ping, depending on it to make the choice.

Quote: It is better to check proxy extensions one way: simultaneous installation can lead to problems – programs will conflict or require a lot of computing power to work, thereby slowing down other processes and work in general.

Why do you need to change the proxy extension

There is always a need to change the proxy extension. During the first installation, select a program to check a few, find out the speed and ping value available through them. By comparing a few, you can choose the best in terms of performance, offering minimal speed and ping-pong losses.

You can compare and check the performance of extensions by means of specialized sites whose main task is to perform tests on user connection speed. An example of this is 2ip. Convenient and simple site allows you to quickly get the results of testing, find out the incoming and outgoing speed, ping and current computer ip address.

You should first check your normal connection and only then the proxy extension. It is necessary to set the speed and ping in the standard connection, so that you can then understand how much speed is lost when using a proxy when checking extensions. In this way, the user can identify the servers offering the worst indicators and reject them. And only then, choosing from the options with good characteristics, you can choose the best one.

Be sure to check your current proxy server periodically. Compare it to the others, the new ones. It is possible that your proxy may become worse in terms of performance or that new servers will be able to offer more features and quality connectivity. In this case, it makes sense to change proxy server extensions.

Substitution can happen anytime and any number of times. The user won’t have any problems because of changing proxy servers, moreover, he should conduct it periodically.