The existing Internet network requires not only the ability to handle it, but also the ability to protect one’s own data, personal and confidential information, as well as the skills to bypass blocking, which has appeared in the network in recent years, an incredible number.

Choosing a proxy as a tool to achieve all this will allow the user to significantly facilitate the work in the network, to achieve anonymity, to protect data, to bypass the blocking.

What is a proxy

You can describe how a proxy server works in the following points:

  • proxy is the remote server through which the network connection is made;
  • proxy is an intermediary that does not allow data to be exchanged between the user and the target node directly;
  • proxy is a substitute for the ip address.

More detailed and simple description of the functionality and the principle of proxy can be as follows: start the proxy server, then create another link in the chain of user – the target site. All information from the user will come first to the proxy server and only then to the target site. The reverse data flow is similar – first on the proxy and only then on the user.

Of course, the appearance of a new link in the chain can lead to a decrease in speed and response time from the server. But this approach ensures safety and anonymity.

Another possibility of actual proxies is the substitution of a real IP address with a virtual one. This feature allows you to bypass the existing blocking for the user or access resources that have been blocked by the geolocation data.

There are several options for using a proxy. In the first case, you can configure all the programs installed on the PC. In the second one – change the proxy in the browser, adapting it for safe surfing. Proxy can be used for communication programs such as timespeak, discord, Skype and others, or for mail clients.

Finally, the existing types and subtypes of proxy servers allow each user to choose the best option that is most convenient for performing specific work in the network. Or features that offer special features that are relevant for today’s PC users.

Existing proxy connections and the difference between them

The easiest way for advanced PC users is to manually configure the proxy connection. This will require all the data, including the server address and port. If authorization is required, you will need a login and password. Configuring a proxy server on Linux, Windows is popular, but only among people who understand at least the basics of network technology.

An alternative to this method is the use of separate programs that allow you not only to connect to the active server, but also to create your own. As in the previous version, this method will be convenient only for people who know about network technologies.

If to choose variants for inexperienced users – to give preference to such way, as expansion proxy for browsers or specialised browsers.

Installation and management of extensions does not require any special skills and is very simple, in just a few clicks.

This method will be convenient for surfing the network, safe visits to sites, preservation of anonymity and their own data. Proxy extensions allow you to bypass most of the active blockages in the network.

Quotation: Specialized browsers, such as tor or opera, have built-in proxy server functions, so they do not even need to install extensions.

Unfortunately, simple ways to connect a proxy, for example, through browser extensions, will not allow the use of more advanced proxy, offering additional levels of protection, anonymity, speed, etc.

Types and types of proxy servers

The first division by server should be done as follows:

  • paid servers;
  • free servers.

The free ones most often offer functionality and capabilities below average, while the paid ones can offer good connection quality, 24/7 operation, high data transfer rate and maximum security.

There are several other proxy subtypes, for example, you can choose a proxy with authorization. This method allows you to connect to a proxy only using a login and password. This increases the security of not only the data on the PC, but also the personal information of its owner – malicious programs that can steal and transfer information to the cracker, may be powerless, because without authorization access to the network will be blocked. Even if connected, all information will go through the server. In most cases, for servers with authorization, all transmitted data is encrypted, so the intruder will not get the desired one.

Another type of proxy server is an anonymous one, which implies the possibility to secure yourself by making it completely anonymous in the network. In this case, it will be very difficult to calculate the user, as well as the proxy server used by them.

Another popular view is the proxy for bypassing locks. Such servers are specially adapted to work with sites that have certain types of blocking. For example, for social networks, for sites blocking by means of geolocation, or to determine the type and affiliation of a particular country’s ip address.

If this is the case for the user, it is possible to offer a proxy from another country by means of which it is possible to bypass the location lock easily and simply.

If the most important thing when using a proxy is to maintain the highest possible data transfer rate, pinging, you should prefer fast proxy.

Finally, the secure proxy as a subspecies of the server with authorization offers enhanced protection. For example, data encryption from and to the user.

Individual proxies are a special kind of servers that can be configured according to the user’s wishes or are created by one person for personal purposes.

Depending on your own goals, any person can choose the best service and server. It is worth remembering that the quality of the server should be checked periodically and the test should be performed after the first connection.

To do this, you just need to go to any site to check the Internet connection and start the test. Pay attention to the loss of speed and increase in ping – they should not be critical and should not be very different from the indicators of a normal connection. You should make sure that when you connect a proxy, the ip address is changed, otherwise you won’t be able to bypass site blocking.

If the proxy is needed rarely and only for surfing, it is worth including a proxy in your browser. Or even install separate browsers with built-in proxy and VPN functions. This will be more than enough, and there will be no need to choose or learn to manually set up a proxy.