Modern technologies have already reached the peak when the network provides not only its information storage, but also can steal personal information of the user. In particular, it is possible to suffer today from crooks who can:

  • to steal personal information for subsequent blackmail;
  • to get credit card details and withdraw funds from them;
  • use the user’s computer and its identifier for your own purposes.

The existing types of information fraud and hooliganism are no longer dozens, but hundreds of types. Presence on the computer of a firewall and antivirus does not give 100 % of protection and guarantees against thieves and burglars. The best way to keep everything to yourself is to install a proxy server.

What’s a proxy

A proxy server is a special program, or rather a set of settings through which you can change the standard scheme and configuration of the user’s PC connection to the network. This set of settings offers to connect to some server, which is a proxy. This server will be an intermediary that works between the user and the target node. Proxy and translated into Russian accordingly – as a bridge or intermediary. What does a proxy server mean and what are the principles of its operation? If the user receives data from the site that he or she visited and sends it to him or her, then using a proxy we get an additional element that slows down the process of information exchange, but instead slows down the process of data exchange and offers protection.

For example, many users found themselves in a situation where opening a site instead of the expected content got to a pop-up window or another site that automatically opens in a new tab. Such exercises can lead to a site that steals data. If you do not use a proxy, this will not happen.

Quotation: In addition to the basic functions, some proxy servers may offer additional data encryption for both inbound and outbound traffic.

Proxy-based installation and connections provide the user with the necessary support:

  • anonymity on the web;
  • protection of confidential data;
  • changing the ip address will bypass the lock.

There are also several other useful functions, but they are less critical and more relevant for specialists. The main advantage of using a proxy is that it is the preservation of anonymity and data protection. It is difficult to steal data from a virtual object, especially if it cannot be recognized. The same situation with blocking – if the site has been blocked for a Russian, Ukrainian or Belarusian, the installation of a proxy server will bypass the blocking for the citizens of these countries, making them an IP address, say, belonging to a Canadian, Australian, etc.

Proxy installation is not a complicated process, and anyone can handle it, especially since there are several different options available.

How to choose a proxy and which one to install

There is a great variety of options for installing and configuring a proxy. One of the easiest things to do is to install specialized software that can be used to provide secure network connectivity for all PC-based programs. You can configure it manually, but you need to understand the basics of network administration, manually fill in the configuration lines to configure the connection. There is an alternative to this method – to change the settings by using a configuration file, pulling which into the system connection settings of the operating system or running it will lead to the setting of the desired values and provide the opportunity to connect through a proxy server.

Free servers with good speed are found in large numbers, but there are also special extensions for browsers that can provide safe surfing of the user on the Internet and which are very easy to set up and install.

Quote: It is not necessary to install several proxy extensions in one browser – they will conflict among themselves, interfering with normal work, will slow down the computer and the browser.

The given way is actual in that case if the user does not know how to adjust a network and does not wish to understand it, and the proxy to it is necessary only for a browser. In this case, expansion is the best solution.

Installation of extensions is available for any modern browser. For example, for Chrome, you can find such extensions in the Google Store. As a rule, they are completely free and offer proxy servers with good speed. By entering the corresponding search query in the store, “proxy”, you can find a lot of programs.

Anyone can install it, but you should check its functionality and the proposed characteristics of the connection – if they are weak, unsuitable for the user, you can try another extension.

Removal, as well as installation, is very simple – you need to open the browser settings and go to the extensions section, find the line with the desired and click on the icon of the basket. After that, the extension will be deleted.

Quotation: There are browsers that do not need extensions – the proxy is already mounted and can be used after installation on the OS of the browser itself. These are Thor and Mozila.

How to check proxy quality

The best proxy extensions should be different:

  • with minimal loss of speed;
  • to have a low ping;
  • to change the computer’s ip address to a virtual one.

If any of the requirements are not true, you should change the server and find a more suitable one.

What these characteristics are so important, let’s consider below.

The data transfer and reception speed is responsible not only for the time it takes to download a file from the network or upload it to the site, but also for how quickly the user and the site will exchange data. The second important criterion when selecting a proxy server extension is ping. It determines how quickly the target node will react and respond to user requests. High ping, more than 80, will be uncomfortable – the site will be long downloaded, react to the actions of the visitor. Ping over 50 will be too high for online games. That’s why you should pay attention to him.

Finally, the last parameter: the ip address must change to a virtual one. Otherwise, you will not be able to bypass the site lockout. This is also the main function that a proxy server should provide.

Proxy extensions can be easily replaced. What’s more, it’s necessary – the characteristics are constantly changing and the best server this month could be the worst. That’s why the quality of the connection should be checked regularly. Moreover, sites for testing network connectivity can be made home pages in a browser. Then the user will be able to effortlessly test his connection each time he wants to work for the network.

Actual proxy for any PC, both stationary and laptop. Proxy installation is necessary both on the home PC to maintain confidentiality in the network and on the working one – there it will help to bypass the system administrator’s blockages, freely visit any sites.