Proxy installation is relevant for any user and any computer. In today’s digital age, there may be a need to remain anonymous online and to preserve personal data, including even the history of site visits.

What is a proxy and what gives

Proxy can be translated into Russian as a “mediator” or “bridge”. Technically speaking, it is. Proxy is an additional node in the chain of the user – the site. Through the proxy, the requests and information of the user directed to the site and vice versa are transmitted, the responses of the site and the data first come to the proxy, and only then to the user’s computer.

Proxy server installation can offer:

  • saving user data from malicious sites and attempts to steal information from fraudsters;
  • full anonymity is offered while browsing the network and when visiting any websites;
  • it is possible to bypass the blocking for sites that cannot be visited using a normal connection.

There is also a significant disadvantage of proxy – the appearance of a new element in the chain can lead to a significant drop in speed, both inbound and outbound. However, such disadvantages are overlaid with advantages – anonymity, bypassing of locks, data protection. In addition, the user can disable the proxy if necessary, returning to normal connection. For example, if you need to download a large amount of information.

Proxy installation options and their differences

The remote proxy server will require connection settings on the user’s computer. To do this, you need to change the connection data by reconfiguring it to connect to a proxy. Such a procedure may seem difficult for beginners who have barely begun to master the computer.

Quotation: The proxy should be configured with special attention – an error in data entry will not allow you to connect to the server.

If manual configuration seems extremely complicated, there is a simplified option – you can use the script of automatic proxy configuration.

This method implies the use of a special configuration file, the path to which should be specified in the connection settings. The file can be stored both locally on the computer and in the NAS. It works both ways. There are also files that work completely as a script – you should run the executable file, after which all the settings will be changed. Unfortunately, not all proxy servers offer to use configuration files.

Both of these methods have one significant disadvantage – if necessary, to return the standard settings for a normal connection will need to enter data manually. Re-enabling the proxy will require you to perform all the manipulations described above again.

The next method is a secure proxy server, which can be installed as a separate program. This variant implies the use of advanced users who are well versed in network technologies and are able to understand the tools of such a program. Its main advantage is the ability to create your own proxy server. Such a solution provides the highest possible speed and safety, but requires certain skills. If they do not exist, it is worth considering simpler options for installing and using a proxy.

One of the simplest methods is to install browsers that already have proxy functionality. In this case, you will not have to make manual adjustments. All you need to do is install a browser, run it, and then the user can start using the proxy. This method will be interesting for those who need a proxy only for surfing the network.

Quotation: There are several browsers that have built-in proxy functions. It’s an opera and a torus.

Proxy browser extensions are the most convenient and easy way to get the ability to connect to the network through a proxy server.

Installation is fast and easy. In addition, the lack of complex settings will allow users who do not have enough knowledge to use a secure connection. Another plus is the ability to enable or disable the proxy at any time by returning the normal connection. If desired, the user can use several browsers in the network, using one for normal connection, the second – when the proxy is active.

Any programs other than the browser in which the proxy is installed will use a normal connection. For example, the user himself can visit the sites through a proxy and at the same time his torrent client at the highest possible speed to connect will download large amounts of files.

Features of proxy extensions installation

The best proxy extensions are hard to name because their characteristics are constantly changing. It is therefore advisable to measure the current network connection before installing the extension. And then, having installed the proxy, turn it on and run the test again, comparing the results obtained.

It is worthwhile to try several extensions, thus revealing the one that can offer the best connection characteristics.

Quote: It is not necessary to install several proxies simultaneously in one browser and run them simultaneously. Doing so may result in malfunctions.

Existing proxy extensions may differ in control features and additional functions. For example, it is possible to choose a spoofed ip address. The user can determine which ip to use instead of the real one. Or some expansion functions may be blocked and will require a fee to activate them.

As for the extension management, you can usually activate it in a few mouse clicks. The extensions are displayed as icons on the right side of the browser above or below the address entry line. Clicking on the icon activates the extension or opens a context menu with a proxy connection.

As for comparison and selection, proxy server extensions should be selected based on the available maximum speed, both inbound and outbound, ping and the ability to change ip.

If the ip address does not change, you can safely change the proxy, because it does not perform its main function: it can not be used to bypass the blocking of sites. An important criterion for a comfortable work in the network is ping – the smaller it is, the better. It is worth abandoning extensions that give ping over 70-80 ms. Provided, of course, that the standard connection offers 0-50ms.

Access to the site through a proxy connection can be obtained with minimal speed, high ping. However, working with the site will be inconvenient – the site will be slow to respond to requests and actions of the user, download information from it or upload data from your computer to the site will be problematic – it will take a lot of time. That’s why you should prefer proxies that offer good connectivity and data transfer characteristics.