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Free proxy offers lists of up-to-date, functional, anonymous, free proxies with an update every two hours.

These proxies are ideal for the type of work where the most important factor is volume (the number of IPs) and not the longevity or operational performance. These proxies are free and are available for anyone on this site. Therefore, many people use them and naturally the performance is not the same as with the paid proxies. The upside is that you do not have to pay.

When you need quality proxies you can just follow one of the links below to purchase one. has been offering one of the best and fastest free proxy servers (according to our visitors) since 2011

P.S. Please do not use proxy parsers for accessing the free proxy server. We have not installed protection against bots, as it would complicate the work of the site for regular users. Bots don’t bring much efficiency other than a longer load of the site. It’s so simple: Just visit the website every 2 hours and copy the information you need.