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Why is a static IP (proxy) the best choice?

 Enjoy the high speed and superior performance

Static Server Proxies originate from datacenter proxies, therefore they are just as fast as their counterparts. Static Server Proxies are excellent if you need to harvest data and gather intelligence quickly. With our 100K+ static IP proxy pool, FineProxy ensures you can react fast to protect your business brand and a hard-fought market share.

 Reach up to 99.9% uptime with Static IP Proxies

FineProxy’s Static Server Proxies offer an average uptime of 99.9%. They are one of the most stable and reliable proxies on the market, so rest assured you will complete your scraping tasks swiftly. Also, our Static Server Proxies support HTTP, HTTPS & SOCKS4/5 protocols.

 Gather information efficiently

FineProxy’s Static Server Proxies are officially assigned by an Internet Service Provider (ISP). The datacenter proxies give you the power of speed and efficiency. ISP proxies allow you to browse the internet quickly and gather public data even from the most challenging targets.

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We pride ourselves on the exceptional quality of our proxies.

However, we recognize that some may hesitate to provide payment details on a new site, especially when considering a purchase of a product whose quality they have yet to experience firsthand. That's precisely why we offer you an opportunity to try our proxies at no cost. Enjoy access to 73 proxies for a full 60 minutes, completely free.

This way, you can see for yourself the reliability and performance of our service before making any commitment.

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Here are the steps to set a static proxy IP address on a PlayStation 4:

  1. On your PS4 home menu, go to Settings.
  2. Navigate to the Network section.
  3. Select Set Up Internet Connection.
  4. Choose either Wi-Fi or LAN cable (Wired) depending on your connection.
  5. On the next screen, select Custom.
  6. If you’re using Wi-Fi, select your Wi-Fi network and enter your password if necessary. If you’re using a LAN cable, you won’t need to select a network.
  7. In the IP Address Settings, choose Automatic (unless you need to input specific IP settings).
  8. For DHCP Host Name, select Do Not Specify.
  9. In the DNS Settings, choose Automatic (unless you have a specific DNS to input).
  10. When you get to the MTU Settings and Proxy Server, select Automatic and Use, respectively.
  11. Now, you can enter your static proxy IP address and port number (given by your proxy provider like FineProxy). After entering these details, select Next.
  12. You’ll be taken to a screen to test your Internet Connection. Once you’re sure everything is correctly entered, run the test to ensure you’re connected.

Please note: Ensure that the proxy you’re using allows for the gaming data and that your connection speed is sufficient to avoid lagging or connectivity issues. If you’re using the PS4 for gaming, a VPN might be a more suitable solution as proxies can sometimes interfere with data transmission.

A static IP proxy can be beneficial for several reasons:

  1. Consistent Identity: With a static IP proxy, your IP address remains the same for as long as you use it. This consistency can be useful when accessing websites or services that require IP authentication or whitelist IP addresses.
  2. Web Scraping: If you’re performing web scraping tasks, a static IP can be helpful to maintain a consistent identity and avoid being blocked by websites that may flag or block dynamic or rotating IPs.
  3. Access to Restricted Networks: Some networks or systems (such as corporate intranets or specific online databases) require a static IP for access.
  4. Stability: Static IP proxies provide a stable connection, which is beneficial for tasks that require a constant internet connection, such as online gaming or streaming.
  5. Managing Online Accounts: Managing multiple online accounts, especially in e-commerce or social media, can be done more efficiently with a static IP. For example, if you manage multiple accounts on a platform that tracks IP addresses, using a static IP proxy can help you avoid account flags or bans.
  6. Development and Testing: For developers, a static IP can be helpful when configuring and testing servers or when you need a consistent address to access systems remotely.
  7. SEO Monitoring: Static IP proxies can be useful for tracking SEO and online marketing campaigns from a consistent location, especially when you want to monitor localized search results.

However, it’s important to remember that while a static IP provides consistency, it doesn’t provide the level of anonymity that rotating or residential proxies can offer, as your activity can be traced back to a single IP address.


I first bought 1 proxy for avito on the test. Checked – works. There was a problem with the connection because I was noob. The seller did not give up, checked everything himself and helped. Now every week I take from them on a pack a proxy, for soc. networks is great, the speed is good. . Like. If you write on the site, when the seller is online – responds quickly. I recommend!

Валерія Сорокіна

My Internet business is very specific. Once I realized that without excellent working proces, I would come to a standstill. The issue of quality, reliability and price is difficult to solve simultaneously. After long wanderings, I found the best option for myself. The exclusive package is something that suits me perfectly. Speed of work and support at any time, on demand. I would not agree to other conditions. For such a number of addresses is quite an adequate price. For 5 months of cooperation I was convinced of the reliability and loyalty of FineProxy.

Pros:reliability of service
Juriy Divov

For my last project, a small number of addresses are enough. Perfectly came up with a package of 5 addresses / 30 days. Maybe this is not the most economical version, but I just do not need it anymore. And the speed and traffic of this company, as always, the best.

Pros:Ideal conditions.
Nataliya Galich

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