For many Internet users, the most pressing issue has become the issue of bypassing the locks and gaining access to their favorite resources. The fact is that due to the policy of many countries, part of the resources can only be accessed by citizens of the country to which the site belongs, or on whose domain it is located.

It is also often blocked by a country for its citizens, preventing them from visiting the resources of other countries. For example, the Internet in North Korea is very limited, citizens of this country can only visit those resources that have been censored, are satisfied with the current government. Not so heavy, but still there are blockages in other countries, including Russia.

An example of this can be called the blocking of Roskomnadzor or a ban for residents of Ukraine to visit the popular Russian social network VK, postal and entertainment mail project. ru, etc. To bypass the locks, a proxy server is required.

Is it possible to block the proxy server

As such, proxy servers cannot be blocked today. The reason for that is:

  • There is no ban on their use as these programs are usual tools which are often used by specialists of it sphere for development, testing and testing of network nodes’ operability;
  • a huge variety of programs and applications proxy;
  • the technical complexity of putting this idea into practice.

In other words, a citizen of any country, any user, regardless of their experience with the computer and its applications, can install a proxy and start using it.

What does it mean to use a proxy and what it is

It’s a secret to many people what it means to use a proxy server. Let’s look at this in detail. This software is intended to replace the current network connection. The user first connects to the proxy server and only then, through the server, goes to the site of interest.

This kind of implementation ensures

  • the anonymity of the user on the network;
  • to keep his confidential data confidential;
  • bypassing any blockages.

A proxy can be defined as some kind of intermediary between a user and a target node in the network. This intermediary receives data from both parties and transmits it to the recipient. It will be incredibly difficult to track the direction of the end user data.

Quotation: Before using a proxy, it is recommended to clear the browser history and cookies – this will allow the user to keep the confidentiality of the network.

Many of the blockings are made by tracking the user’s geodata or specifically by his unique identifier – ip address. Proxy substitutes ip, thus making the user not a member of the target group, which falls under the locking parameters. Simpler language – installation of a proxy and substitution of the real address of a Russian user to an ip address, say, German will allow you to get access to those sites that were blocked for Russians.

How to change proxies in chrome, opera, mosile and other browsers

Often the user needs a proxy only for surfing the network. Although there are cases where you need to run skype through a proxy.

We will only consider a proxy for surfing the network. And for this purpose there is no need to install a proxy server in the operating system – just install it for the browser, which the user uses when working in the Internet.

The easiest way to get started with a proxy is to install browsers such as Tor and Opera. Both of these browsers are equipped with proxy servers as standard. And the user can activate or deactivate the feature in just one click.

Quotation: Two browsers can be installed in the system – one with a proxy and the other without. This will allow you not to waste time cleaning up the visit history, not to turn on and off the proxy all the time.

In case these browsers do not suit the user because of their specific shell, control, settings or stability, we will consider how to change the proxy server in chrome.

You can use one of several configuration methods for this purpose:

  • you can set up a proxy manually;
  • It is possible to set it up automatically using a configuration file;
  • you can install an extension.

Both manual and automatic setup imply some experience in handling PCs from the user. In other words, these methods are more suitable for advanced users. If you are not familiar with the computer and software, you can install extensions.

To do this, we need to open an extension store in Google, enter a corresponding request in the search box and select one of the proposed proxy servers. Installation of the extension will not take long and will be ready for use after installation.

Quotation: Sometimes a reboot of the browser or even the entire operating system is required for proxy extensions to work.

The advantage in this case is that the user does not have to change the proxy in Google chrome, look for settings and change the configuration himself. To activate the proxy server, simply click on the extension icon. Depending on the version of the program, you will be prompted to activate the proxy and select an ip address. Or the functionality can be simplified – only the choice of connection and disconnection mode is available.

After that, the network will already be running under a proxy server. Disabling the proxy server is done in the same way – we enter the extension and stop its operation. After that we get the usual access to the network under our own IP address.

It should be noted that for other browsers, the installation of extensions, work with them is done in a similar way.

In case you need to change the proxy in your browser, it will be enough to remove the existing extension and install a new one.

Quotation: Proxy replacement may be required if the connection is poor and the quality of the connection is poor.

It is necessary to replace the proxy and to do so after checking the current connection. Often the proxy server that the user could use for months, lowers its quality – the speed is lost, the ping is increased. These values must be monitored at all times, and if they fall to a critical point, they must be replaced by a new proxy.

It’s easy enough to determine if you need to change the proxy on your computer. To do this, you need to measure the speed and quality of the connection during a normal connection, and then perform a similar measurement with several different proxy servers. The difference between a normal and a proxy connection should not be too great. It is necessary to choose the one that offers lower speed and pinging losses when connecting to the proxy.

The user’s choice is which proxy to use. The user should rely on the fact that he or she should be comfortable and comfortable with the connection, and that there should be no delays in data transmission or long downloads. Of course, the proxy itself must perform the main task – to replace the actual IP address with a virtual one. Otherwise, he won’t be needed and even more uncomfortable.