More and more people are beginning to use proxy servers to connect to the World Wide Web. That’s the way it works:

  • Bypassing most of the existing restrictions and blockages;
  • allows the user to access the site under the guise of a visitor from any other country, not the real one;
  • allows you to remain anonymous on the web.

Features of proxy connection

By connecting via a proxy, we get a certain analogue of a bridge between our home PC and the Network as a whole. And this bridge allows us to visit resources completely anonymously, our browser history, cookies and even more so personal information will be difficult to detect and use against us. In addition, we provide ourselves not only with complete confidentiality, but also with unlimited access to any site.

For example, by connecting to the Internet through proxies, we may access sites, games, postal and other services that are prohibited in our country by Roskomnadzor.

In addition, through Proxy servers we can optimize the operation of a number of popular programs.

Example: Proxy can be configured separately for Skype, Outlook, Telegrams, etc.

Of course, all this is possible only if we have chosen the right proxy server (it means Proxy server, which offers worthy values of speed and ping for convenient work). To find out whether the proxy you are using or the one you have chosen is convenient to install, you should check it.

How you can check the proxy server on your computer

In order to check the functionality of the installed proxy server, you need to perform some simple steps. If it’s already connected, then:

  • we find the first site to check the speed of the current connection. Let’s start the test. The result is recorded so as not to forget;
  • then turn off the Proxy and repeat the procedure on the same site. We compare the obtained result with the previous one.

Now let’s look at the obtained values, compare them and see if we should use the existing proxy server.

Free proxy servers with good speed should give a result that is not different from what we got by turning off the proxy at all.

First of all, it is worth paying attention to the difference in incoming and outgoing Internet speed.

If the difference is more than 30 – 40% of the value without Proxy, it is worth changing the server. If the speed is approximately the same, the Proxy server can be used.

It’s worth noting that in most cases Proxy produces less speed than a direct Internet connection. Don’t wait for a result that will give you more speed: your bandwidth is limited and you can’t get more than what you have.

Ping through a proxy can also be very different. It is up to him how quickly the site or node will respond to user requests and how quickly he will give answers to them. This value should be as low as possible.

Quote: A good ping is a value of 30 – 40 ms.

In the case of Asian sites, this value may reach a mark of 100 – 150 or even higher.

Finally, in order to access previously banned resources, Proxy must change the primary IP address of the PC on which it is installed. If this does not happen, the proxy server does not perform its main function and should be replaced.

How to properly evaluate the connection through a proxy server

If we plan to upload or download large amounts of information from and to sites, the main selection criterion for us is the incoming and outgoing speed of the Internet when proxy server is enabled.

If the response time is more critical for us (it could be a network game, for example), then it is worth paying attention to this parameter.

Finally, if you want to keep your anonymity, bypass the lockouts, the proxy server should be able to spoof the actual ip address.

Depending on your tasks and available measurements, you can decide what kind of proxy server will be convenient for you and how it can be tested for its purposes.