Computer technology and the Internet have come into our lives. Today, no modern person can not live the day to not use the services of his tablet, computer or phone to access the network, your favorite site, forum or chat.

Many people store important information or even confidential data on the network and are afraid to lose or make it available to outsiders. But these users do not take any steps to protect them. Some people use a proxy in their browsers to bypass the lock and access the desired resource. But that’s just part of the proxy capability. The average man doesn’t use it to his full potential. What is a proxy server, does the average user need it and what can be done with it, what can it do to help?

Who needs to connect through a proxy server

It makes sense to use a proxy not only for computer specialists, but also for ordinary users. An example of the functionality of the program can be called:

  • the ability to bypass the blockages;
  • to visit the site anonymously;
  • to make your browsing history anonymous, as well as your online experience.

Installing a proxy server can help bypass existing lockouts. The Internet was conceived as an unrestricted place with access to all the information available to civilization. However, a number of countries, including Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, have started to actively ban certain resources. The blocking can be done in a number of ways. In most cases, the ban applies to certain IP addresses.

Each computer or any other device that allows access to the network has its own unique identifier – ip address. Resource owners may deny access to their content to users with specific addresses. Installing a proxy server will allow you to change the address and bypass the lock.

The second type of lock is a geodata lockout. Users can be blocked at addresses belonging to a certain country.

Quote: Ukraine cannot access Vk. com from its addresses. If you set up a proxy, you can bypass the ban.

If you connect via proxy, you can replace your current address with a virtual one, which the system recognizes as belonging to a completely different country, even located on a different continent. It’s a way to bypass the lockdown.

Often at work, employees are blocked from accessing entertainment portals or, in general, any sites that are not directly related to their work duties. Getting access to sites through a proxy server will not be difficult. And no one else will know about it.

The same situation with the programs – the proxy can be installed on individual applications, and all other software will continue to use the standard application.

How to install a proxy server and what it is like at all

Proxy can be literally translated into Russian as “bridge” or “intermediary”. If we talk about the programs included in this category, it is a specialized software aimed at reconfiguring all the incoming and outgoing traffic from the node to the user’s computer and vice versa – from the computer to the node. This is a kind of filter, the same intermediary that transmits data between the two points.

Many people doubt whether it makes sense to install a proxy server at home? The shortest way between the two points is a straight line. So why create a mediator, who will surely delay the process and slow down the work. The thing is, this middleman can do it:

  • to help the user stay online incognito;
  • to bypass the blockages;
  • Keep information, including downloadable and downloadable data, confidential;
  • to secure the user on the network;
  • to make his site history inaccessible to everyone.

Yes, the speed and quality of the network connection can be affected by using a proxy server, but the benefits are much greater. In addition, there are versions of proxies that can minimize losses.

Everyone can learn how to set up a proxy server. There are several ways to do this. First of all, you can find the server and enter all its data to connect to in the network settings window on your computer. This can be difficult for an inexperienced user. There are separate programs for this purpose, which can be simply installed on the PC, switched on and made anonymous. If you plan to use a proxy server only for surfing in the network, you can install extensions in the browser, which are now offered quite a lot.

If you use extensions, it will be quite easy to enable and disable the use of a proxy server – literally in one click.

If the decision was made to manually configure the connection, it will be harder to get rid of the proxy – you will need to return the original values.

Quotation: Before you start manually configuring the proxy server connection, you should save the current values in the settings.

It’s easy to change a proxy program – delete the old one, put a new one. Just like with browser extensions. You can even use multiple browsers on the same PC – one to make a proxy, the other to use in a normal connection. This approach will not change the network settings in the operating system and will make the use of a proxy server more convenient. But only if the proxy is for surfing.

Which proxies are better and how to make the right choice

The choice of a proxy server does not depend on the name of the developer or the program itself, and you should not pay attention to the feedback. The main thing in the selection question will be the characteristics and properties of the connection that provides the proxy server you have installed on your PC. Measuring the speed of the connection (ping) will be able to tell you which proxies are better, which ones should be installed, and which ones should be removed, and in any case not to use them.

The main criteria for selecting the optimal server will be:

  • the available inbound and outbound speed;
  • the ping rate;
  • the ability to change the IP

The most important thing is the possibility of changing the address – without this anonymity and confidentiality of your stay on the network can not be achieved. Replacing the ip will make it possible to become incognito on the network, bypassing the blocking of sites that were previously inaccessible.

Check the proxy server connection setting by speed (both incoming and outgoing) – the higher the values, the better. This will determine the user’s usability. The speed must not drop more than 50% of the value during normal connection.

The proxy value is critical. But unlike speed, it has to be minimal. With a ping value of 100 ms, it will be difficult to work with the node.

Quote: For a proxy connection, a normal ping can be called a value of 30-80 ms.

If one of the criteria fails to pass the control, their values are too low, then it is recommended to change the proxy and try to connect through another one, which can provide a better connection.