The choice of proxy server depends on the purpose for which the user intends to use it. Even if the purpose is clear and the scope of the proxy is clear, there is still a problem of selecting a proxy from a very extensive range – because you need to choose not only on the principle of action or focus of the server, but also on its characteristics, which are quite a lot and which directly determine the convenience of working with the proxy.

What kind of proxy to use

The choice of proxies in the network today is very difficult to choose from a large number of proposals. However, many options can be dropped immediately, as they are unsafe, or they themselves offer weak characteristics that will make it uncomfortable to work.

One of the good options is to purchase individual proxy. But this option is uncomfortable, as either a one-time fee or a monthly fee is charged. On the background of free services paid individual servers look unattractive.

Especially when a proxy is planned to be used:

  • very rarely;
  • exclusively for online surfing;
  • to download small files.

Quote: Proxy extensions for browsers are a convenient solution if a proxy is needed very rarely. This is a free and convenient option for beginners.

The purpose of the proxy and what it is used for

If you plan to view foreign portals, listen to or download audio and video recordings in large quantities, enjoy television in the network, again, television from other countries, it is better to pay attention to private servers, otherwise, using the free proxy, you may face frequent problems with speed, pingu.

Even for torrent private proxy, which provides and allows to reserve a separate IP address, will be more convenient, because it is not loaded with tasks of other users and its features are used only by one person.

Fast proxy servers may be necessary for seo optimization, parsing in particular. For these purposes it is necessary not only fast, but also the pure proxy which is not brought in black lists, possessing good history. In this respect free servers again will be inconvenient as to check up history of public servers practically it is impossible – hundreds, and even thousand people use them, and for certain a part of them are engaged in a network not absolutely legal affairs. Therefore, the public server, depending on the date of its launch, has a lot of restrictions and bans.

In terms of seo optimization, you should prefer a server with a clean history, although you will have to pay for it.

Why do I need a proxy server? It will be useful for promotion on social networks. The fact is that social networks often block popular free servers. Therefore, using this method, you can get the blocking, not only of one, but of all existing accounts and accounts. Saving money, choosing a free public server will result in high costs – loss of accounts, reduction in the number of subscribers. It is necessary to choose several individual proxies and alternating them, it is possible to untwist profiles and channels for a long period of time.

If a proxy is necessary for online games, for example, if there is an ip address blocking that does not allow you to start multiple accounts from the same address, you can use the current proxy server, but you should pay attention not so much to their speed as to ping. Many computer games are very fastidious to the response time, and if it is significantly exceeded by the user will be either uncomfortable to play, or the game server will constantly disconnect it from the session. In this case, the free servers will again play for a fee. The fact is that the players of the user’s chosen online games have certainly taken advantage of the free of charge, therefore, the proxy address provided by the address is already busy, or in general the proxy server will be blocked at the time of authorization and login to the game. Be sure to take into account that the proxy for games must not only have a good ping and speed, but also give a stable connection – otherwise the game will be cut off regularly and at the most inopportune moment.

A proxy to bypass locks in this respect is much easier to choose – if it is needed only for periodic surfing in the network, even the installation of extensions will be sufficient for comfortable work.

Quote: You can use specialized browsers that already have built-in proxy or VPN functions. This is Opera and Thor.

In case it is necessary to work with sites of a certain country or region, it is necessary to pay attention to the proxy, located in the same country, otherwise the work will be inconvenient – high ping, low speed. An example of such an example is working with Asian sites – proxy from CIS countries will not only slowly send and receive requests to the target host, but also often cut off communication, or will be blocked at all.

Proxy server configuration rules

Automatic proxy server configuration or manual configuration is used, not so important. The important thing is the correct configuration, then the server will work not only without interruptions, but also with the maximum possible ping, speed.

There are two ways to configure it:

  • for a single browser, a program:
  • for the computer as a whole.

Browsers, regardless of the type and version, are configured almost identically, the only difference is the name of the items and their location.

For browsers it is necessary to enter the settings, go to the system settings and find the item that will be named as “proxy” or “proxy connection”. It will be necessary to confirm that the superstructure is enabled and to enter all the necessary data into it – this is the port and the actual address of the proxy server.

For the operating system it is necessary to enter the control panel, choose the item “Browser properties” and set the manual setting of connection to the proxy there, putting a mark on its activation. Further, as in the previous example with browsers, it is necessary to specify the address and port.

Depending on the OS version, you will need to find the item “Network connection settings” and find the item concerning the activation and deactivation of proxy.

If you have a question about how to disable the proxy server, we go back to the settings and remove the “Use a proxy server” checkbox. At the same time, the settings are saved, but the connection to the proxy is disabled, and the standard direct connection to the Internet remains. There is no need to reenter the data to re-connect the proxy, the main thing is to put the “Use proxy” checkbox again.

For the mobile platform, many people wonder how to run their phone or tablet through a proxy, because there are no items for setting up a proxy. In fact, they are there, and it is very easy to find them – you need to set a point on the active wi-fi connection, or call up its context menu and that is where all the settings for the proxy, the form of data entry for its connection, activation and deactivation.

For MAC and iOS everything happens almost the same way, the only difference is that you have to manually specify the type of proxy used.