In the past, anyone could connect to the web and do whatever they want on the web. However, current trends require the user to open their real data:

  • to go through all sorts of registrations;
  • Pay online by leaving your phone, mailing address or place of residence;
  • to show their real passport details.

Moreover, recently it has become possible to track the user by ip address.

Why is it necessary to install a proxy server

In order not only to remain anonymous on the Internet, but also to protect your personal data from theft, Proxy server is used. If you don’t think your data is important, let’s look at a few examples:

  • Using your login details, attackers can post messages on social networks, send out mailings, deceive your relatives or even lure money out of them;
  • Once you make a purchase online, you save all your card details on your PC. And the intruders can kidnap them. As a result, to spend all the funds available on your credit card. Therefore, using a remote proxy server, this can be avoided;
  • even personal correspondence online may be directed against you (you may be blackmailed, for example).

Therefore, to protect yourself, you should use a Proxy server.

What does a proxy server mean and how it will help

Proxy can be translated into Russian as “bridge”, “intermediary” or “trusted person”. In fact, all these values correctly represent the essence and functions of proxy servers. With their help, the user gets a certain semblance of a bridge between himself and a particular node or the World Wide Web as a whole. The user’s real ip address is changed, his actions on the Web remain anonymous.

Quote: It is not possible to track the history of visits to sites when a proxy is active.

Today, there are programs that allow you to configure your PC to run a proxy server. You can divide them according to these criteria:

  • all available applications use a proxy;
  • for individual programs (for example, there are free working proxies for telegrams, Skype, etc.);
  • specifically for surfing Networks that are installed on browsers.

In the latter case, it is possible to work in the network with a permanently enabled proxy or with the ability to enable and disable it if necessary.

There are several ways to manage a proxy server:

  • Manual adjustment of all parameters. To do this, you need to know the address of the selected proxy server and other values required for connection.
  • Automatic connection. In this case, the user is offered a configuration file. If you connect it to your browser, all settings will be made automatically.
  • the third option is the easiest. You can install an extension on your browser, which already has all the settings, and you can start working in the Network via proxy right after installing the extension.

Resetting the proxy server settings can be extremely easy – to do this, you need to remove the checkmark in the settings from the point of use of the proxy and to clear all the lines in which the values were specified to connect to the server.

Which programs can be used with the proxy and how to bypass it by locking it

As already mentioned, modern sites block users by IP address.

Quotation: Users of the sites are blocked at a specific ip address.

You can bypass these locks by using a permanent ip proxy, although you can also connect via a regular proxy server. In this case, the sites and nodes of the Network, previously inaccessible to the user due to the peculiarities of his ip address, will be open, and you can access the site at any time. Examples include sites on the web that were blocked by Roskomnadzor. Using a proxy, you will be able to access and use all the content available on the pages of the site (whether it is online video or audio, text or torrent files).