Proxy is a very useful and relevant program for modern society, when everyone is the owner of the device and not just one, through which it is possible to access the network. When everyone has confidential information stored on the network, it needs to be protected or even made safe or even anonymous on the Internet. Installation of a proxy server can help with these questions.

This program is able to provide anonymous access to the network, change the IP address – a unique identifier, which can be used to find out the real location of the user in the territory of which he is located. The Proxy server will allow you to bypass the locks and access a resource that is blocked for users using a normal network connection.

How to check the proxy connection setting

Setting up a proxy server on your computer is quite easy. Often, this only requires data to connect to the server, which must be entered into the settings on your own computer. You can get this data by selecting a proxy server and studying its connection instructions. In most cases, the address and port number are sufficient. Once these data are entered, all programs will only be connected and shared with the network via a proxy. That’ll do it:

  • to remain anonymous;
  • to bypass the blockages;
  • to protect your confidential data.

Quotation: You can configure a proxy server for all programs on your computer and for individual programs.

Next, check the proxy connection settings. To do this, you need to log in to your browser and go to any site designed to measure speed. If the page does not appear, a message about the lack of access to the network will appear – the user is more likely to have made a mistake when entering the server data. If there is no error, the problem may be that the server itself does not function. Therefore, it is necessary to find actual proxy servers that work, have reviews from users.

The easiest way to check the proxy is to try to access a site that was previously blocked to the user. The connection made through the proxy server should provide full access to the resource.

A more complex test involves comparing speed, ping, and connection quality.

How to know which proxies are better and how to compare them

If you need to find a proxy server that will work steadily, you should pay attention to the following features:

  • Qualitative connection, in which packet losses are minimal, there are no breaks in communication;
  • high speed, both downloading and downloading;
  • the ping is within normal range.

We should take a closer look at these parameters. The first thing you need to do is to determine if the main proxy function works – whether the IP address changes when a proxy server is connected. If address spoofing does not occur, it means that the proxy does not perform its work and needs to be replaced. It is the address substitution that provides the bypass of blocking, and without this to connect a proxy makes no sense – such connection will not differ from the usual, except that the user may lose in the speed of access and response time from sites.

Run a proxy server if the speed it provides is not very different from that of a normal connection. For example, with a standard connection, the speed is 10 Mbps, and half of the speed is lost with a proxy connection. This loss is high, but even at half the normal speed it will be convenient to work. Of course, when downloading large amounts of data such a loss will be very noticeable. However, the proxy is not designed to work with large amounts of information, or more precisely, with their downloading.

Therefore, it is possible to determine the optimal speed in an experimental way – if lowering it by connecting a proxy is so critical that it does not allow the user to work comfortably, it is worth looking for another option, another proxy server.

Quotation: To access a blocked site, you can enable a proxy, and to download data from it, once you have received a link and started downloading data, you can disable the proxy, thereby increasing the download speed.

Another important connection parameter is ping. Ping is a time scale value for which the server receives the request and responds to it. The less this value is, the better. Minimal ping will allow to avoid delays and “slowing down”, will provide convenient workflow for the user.

If you are going to use another country’s proxies, you should be prepared for the fact that ping can be unusually high. In this case, it will be very difficult to work with the site – any action of the user will require a lot of time to receive and process data by the site, the answer to them.

An example of the correct selection is when users use proxies from China, Korea, etc. to bypass locks. In this case, having a ping of 30-50 ms with a normal connection using the proxy of these countries, we will get values of 100 or higher. With this indicator to talk about comfortable work and work with the site as a whole is not possible – it will be a very inconvenient and time-consuming process. But the way to bypass the blocking is to prefer the IP address of any European Union country. Such a solution will allow you to get a connection with a ping no higher than 70-80 and also allow you to bypass the blocking.

Proxy server: selection and comparison

Fast proxies can and should be found and searched for. In order to compare the quality of the connection, several simple operations can be performed.

First, you should measure your current connection quality using a normal connection:

  • to measure the incoming and outgoing speed of the Internet;
  • to fix the average ping value;
  • memorize or write down your actual IP

All this can be found out by visiting the site to check the speed of the Internet and conducting a test. The test itself takes no more than 1-2 minutes in real time.

Next, we enable the proxy and run a similar test. The obtained result is compared to the first one carried out on a normal connection. As already mentioned, the speed will fall and the ping will rise. It’s a normal result, and it’s got to be. However, it should be noted at once that the difference between the test results should not be large. A large loss of speed or a pingue will have a negative impact on working comfort.

Proxy time, its speed is very critical. Therefore, if the result of the check does not suit the user, he can install another proxy server. But it is necessary to repeat the check by comparing it with the previous proxy and initial values. Having checked several proxy servers or even several dozens of variants, you can find the optimal one offering an acceptable result of the check.

Quotation: Proxy server performance is unstable, so you should periodically check and possibly replace the proxy server.

Proxy server can dramatically degrade its performance, so you should constantly monitor the speed and ping values, double-check them. This will allow you to detect poor connection quality in time.