Even recent PC users are concerned about their own security and the safety of their sensitive data when they’re on the network. The fact that a huge number of scammers, a huge number of ways to deceive, steal data requires not only the presence of protection from malicious programs and tools that can withstand hacking, but even providing anonymity of the user’s presence on the network, hiding his history of visiting sites, not to mention the data that he enters into the registration forms on the pages.

And the presence of all sorts of blockades and prohibitions require the user to tricks in order to access the content. For all this, you can use the current proxy servers.

What do you think you’re gonna do

A Proxy server is a separate node in the network, where all traffic from and to the user is redirected through the proxy server and no data passes directly. Many people don’t understand the meaning of such a decision, because the appearance of an extra link in the chain leads to losses in speed, ping. In fact, such a solution allows you to secure your data, make yourself anonymous and protect yourself from fraudsters and thieves. And the main thing is that actual proxies will allow you to replace the real IP address, a unique PC identifier, which indicates not only the real location, but also can tell the attackers a lot of information about the identity of the victim.

Quotation: An ip address will allow you to find the actual location, in some cases the exact address and even the user’s name.

In addition, changing the ip address will allow you to bypass the blocking, visit sites that were previously inaccessible to the user. For example, if his country banned access to certain social networks, substitution of an IP address would allow access to them again. The main thing is that such tricks are absolutely legal and there will be no negative consequences for the user from using a proxy server.

Another thing is that most of the people who have recently acquired a computer and have minimum skills in working with it, do not know how to turn on the proxy, configure it.

Moreover, the need to use it, install it, set it up, make the average person confused. Therefore, it is worth considering the easiest ways to install and use a proxy server on a regular home computer.

Simple installation techniques

First of all, it is necessary to determine the purposes for which a proxy is required:

  • for individual programs, such as 1s, Skype, etc.;
  • to surf the web and bypass blocking, data privacy and anonymity;
  • It is planned to connect the whole computer and all the software installed on it through the proxy server.

In the first and third case, it is necessary to install either individual programs or to configure applications to be used through a proxy server. The option of manual configuration of proxy connection is possible.

If the second purpose is actual, then to include a proxy in a browser will be the simplest and easiest method of the decision.

Quotation: You can use Opera and POP browsers for surfing the network, which have a proxy function by default.

Many people don’t know how to use Opera or Thor browsers, which offer the function of proxy by default, or the user is accustomed to use the browser chrome, Mozilla, Yandex and does not want to change it.

In this case, it is convenient to install extensions. Many people are probably familiar with small applications that somehow extend the standard features of the browser, offering to download files, open, read, edit documents online, block ads. There are similar applications, the main task of which is to ensure the operation of the browser through the proxy server.

When using these extensions, the user does not have any questions about how to enable it and how to disable the proxy server – everything can be done in just one click. Installation of the extension does not take much time, the setting as such is not necessary.

Quotation: After installing the proxy server extension, it is important to remember to reboot the browser so that the extension can work properly, activate its functions.

You can install such an extension by going to the extension store and using the search bar to find the corresponding programs. It is possible to establish any, on taste of the user. It is worth checking their efficiency and effectiveness, but it is discussed below.

Depending on the version and browser type, different extensions can be offered, but they are very similar in function and appearance – just click on the extension icon to activate the proxy connection; similarly, the connection can be terminated in one click.

There are advanced functionality applications that offer to run a proxy server in another country, or to choose the IP address itself, which will be replaced by a valid one. Please note that additional features are often subject to a fee.

Methods for checking proxy extensions

An important point is checking the proxy extensions for suitability. Many servers are not able to provide a quality connection, and as a consequence:

  • high incoming speed;
  • high outgoing speed;
  • optimal for ping work.

Therefore, it is necessary to check the installed extension.

To do this, we will need to test the default network connection without using a proxy. To do this, we will find any site to check the quality of the connection and run a test. We’ll be interested in the following meanings:

  • the incoming speed;
  • outgoing speed;
  • the meaning of pinging;
  • ip

The values obtained during the test should be recorded. After that, turn on the proxy extension and run the test again.

It is important that when using a proxy we do not lose more than 20-30% of speed, both incoming and outgoing. Similarly to ping – it should not become higher, or its value should not exceed the limit of 20-30%.

For example, with a standard connection we have a speed of 10 мбит and a ping of 40 ms. Proxies with values of 3мбит and 100 ms can be rejected immediately – low speed, long response time from the target node will not allow you to work comfortably in the network. At the same time, the expansion with values of 8 мбит and 55 ms will be quite convenient and the difference with the usual connection will be almost imperceptible.

It is worth checking several extensions in this way to choose the best one in terms of values between them.

Quote: it is not necessary to establish simultaneously in a browser some proxies of expansions – it will lead to conflicts between them, deterioration of speed of work and errors.

One more important value because of which there can be a necessity to change a proxy in a browser is absence of substitution of the ip address. If the extension will leave your real ip address, you will not be able to bypass the locks. This should also be taken into account.

You can change your proxy server as many times as you like, there will be no side effects. It is even necessary to do it – it is necessary to check the connection periodically and in case of its deterioration to change the extension.