Many people who own individual proxy servers often wonder how to raise their proxy server in a social network, search engines or for other purposes. Most have tried to do so on their own, but for one reason or another they have failed. In the review we will give an example of one of the thousands of possible services with the help of which you can raise a proxy for individual use.

Carrying out proxy server registration via a service called Gigspace

To register and order additional IP addresses, you need to perform a few simple steps.

Quote: It is very important to find only the official site and carefully study all the available information on it, so as not to fall for fraudsters.

It’s time to read more about the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Server rental.

To do this, visit the website and click on the button called “Order” (it is placed under the VDS).

  1. Direct order of the Gigaspace server.

After clicking on the button, you will be redirected to the order page. But due to the fact that the work of the system is not yet fully established, it is necessary to go to the page of the site with VDS and already there to specify the appropriate tariff.

  1. Choose a tariff plan and client type.

As mentioned above, you need to specify a tariff that meets your requirements. As for the type of client, here you should choose the option called “New user”.

  1. Filling out the form.

There is nothing complicated here, you are required to enter your personal data. After that you have to choose the most standard tariff.

Quote: When registering, it is desirable to specify that your server will not have a domain name, so it will be much easier to raise the server. As for the payment, it is worth noting that it is better to conduct it a month in advance, as it can be given a good discount.

If we pick up the ipv4 proxy, pick up the ipv6 proxy, then when placing an order we should leave a comment on the type: “Hello. I plan to use the additional address as a proxy for working in social networks on my mobile phone”. If you do not write this, you will have to perform a few additional steps to configure it.

Next you have to choose the payment method. It is desirable to choose Webmani, as it is one of the most convenient ways. After the payment transaction is completed within 24 hours, your service will be created (notification of the stages will be sent to your e-mail).

Raising a proxy server with 3proxy

Don’t know how to raise a proxy server on Windows? We have prepared some tips for you on how to set up a proxy server called “3proxy” to use it with a different address – ipv6.

Quotation: The ipv6 protocol is gaining incredible popularity due to the large number of addresses, which is several million times greater than its predecessor, ipv4.

The repository of the popular Windows operating system stores the program (its old versions). That’s why we will consider the option of installing “3proxy” from the source code. The download can be done from the official developer repository on github. To raise ipv6, you need to do a few steps:

  • installation;
  • Configuring the configuration;
  • direct launch of the service.

Now we’ll learn more about all the stages.

  1. Installation execution.

To compile the codes, you need to use programs called “GCC” and “Make”.

Quotation: Additional applications “GCC”, “Make” do not come with the distribution in the standard version, so you will have to install them yourself.

After the installation, you need to connect to the server (provided you use the Windows operating system), you can use Gigspace, for example. Then install the entire package of assemblies for “3proxy” with the help of source codes.

  1. Prepare for configuration.

After the proxy is installed, it is necessary to prepare the file for the future configuration. To do this, experts recommend using the “Note pad ++” binding. Don’t forget to define the address and port. Suppose you use one address called ipv4 and two proxy addresses called ipv6.

Quotation: Remember that if you use the “Alt” key together with the cursor selection, you can significantly speed up the workflow related to the lists.

Remember to change the standard data with your own during the configuration:

  • the address is ipv6, ipv4;
  • the port;
  • login;
  • password and other personal information.

Next, simply save the configured file to the “Home directory” folder. To upload a file to a specific server (selected in advance), you have the option to use the WinSCP program (provided you use the Windows operating system).

  1. The very start of the proxy server itself. In order to start 3proxy successfully, with a pre-configured configuration, you must specify the file name using a space bar.

Summing up.

By learning all of the above and using these tips, you can safely raise your Windows proxy. The main thing is to make the right choice of the server to which you will upload the configured files. It is worth noting that hosting, in addition to Gigspace, there are many other options. However, these servers have been recognized by many users due to such advantages as

  • provision of reasonable tariff plans;
  • a large number of additional ip-addresses;
  • stable work;
  • Simplicity of registration and further operation.

If you are wondering how to raise your mobile proxies with another hoster, you can take advantage of these tips. However, you will have to pay attention to the requirements.