Proxy has long ago become a popular type of software, which is used by advanced users, and it specialists and ordinary users. With the help of this program everyone can bypass existing blockages and bans in the network. In addition, the proxy server will allow you to maintain your anonymity on the network and access resources that are banned in a particular country.

How to configure the proxy server correctly and which one to choose

Everyone can understand how to set up a proxy server properly. Today, users are offered several options for configuring a proxy:

  • For advanced users, a manual mode is available in which all the data to be connected can be entered manually;
  • There is an automatic configuration that will allow you to connect to the proxy server, spending a minimum of your own time;
  • Specialized programs are offered, thanks to which it is possible to disable proxy server settings or use them in work at any moment;
  • Finally, in case you need a proxy only for surfing, there are a number of extensions for browsers that can be installed by the most illiterate user.

In order to know how to set up a proxy server, it is necessary to determine which of the above options will be convenient and relevant for the user. After that, it is necessary to make a direct adjustment. This involves entering new address and port values into the network settings and connecting new ones. A proxy is a kind of bridge through which access to the network is made. It can also be imagined as a gateway, or as a pre-bank, after visiting which you can go deep into the house, in our case – to the Internet sites.

A user who works in the network, running a proxy server, in the first place can change its own IP address, a unique identifier, which most sites and make blocking. Changing the address will allow you to bypass these blockings, as well as access foreign resources that are prohibited in the user’s country of residence.

How to set up a proxy on Widows 7, 10, in browsers

In order to understand how to change the proxy server in the browser yourself, you do not need to study a lot of specialized literature. All you need to do is open your browser settings and go to the network and connection settings. Then the user will be moved to the network settings of the operating system itself. Here we can enter the data, it is necessary to save it, after that the configuration will be completed. Data for network configuration can be found on the website of the most offered proxy server. Or there should be an automatic configuration file that can be downloaded and configured.

Quotation: Regardless of browser type and version, they are set up identically, the difference is only a small difference in the name of the setting item.

For example, changing a proxy to Google chrome will be quite easy. You should open the menu by clicking on the three-strip button, usually located in the upper right corner. Next, we’ll go to the settings item, or network settings. Here we find the network configuration and enter it to change it.

Everything looks the same for opera, yandex and calluses. All browsers are set up identically.

There is a browser that does not even need to be reconfigured: it initially runs under a proxy server. This browser is called Thor. Thor uses the default proxy. In other words, after opening it and visiting any resource, the user will be under a different IP address. Of course, you can disable this feature and use the torus as a normal browser.

The user can use several browsers in one operating system. One can work under a proxy, the other under a normal connection. Or you can combine everything in one browser. In this case, the easiest thing to do is to install an extension on your browser. Its advantage will be that it will be possible to enable or disable the proxy server at any time, at the first request of the user.

How often you need to change the proxy server and how to choose the best one

Proxy servers today are unstable. Many of them can often be shut down for long periods of time. If the current proxy server, which has been in use by the user for a long time, is causing problems, it is time to replace it. Moreover, a quick proxy change is a normal procedure that should not only be used, but also automated. Proxy servers should be changed. As soon as you have a problem with the current one or become a regular one, you should find another one that does not have the problem.

Quote: The frequency of proxy server changes does not cause any problems, but it will help to find the optimal one.

Identifying a problem when using a proxy server is easy. It is necessary to pay attention to some values, and in case of presence at least one of the named problems, it makes sense to replace a server. That’s the kind of problem you’d think of:

  • high ping;
  • low incoming and outgoing speed;
  • Ip address doesn’t change.

Any of these problems are critical. In the first two cases, it will be uncomfortable to work, while in the latter case it will be impossible. If the IP address has not changed, it means that the proxy server does not actually perform its main function. Why do we need a proxy server that won’t bypass the lockouts, won’t make surfing safe, won’t provide anonymity to the user on the network?

Speed for connection is a very important parameter. First of all, it depends on how quickly the content will be downloaded on the site visited by the user, how quickly the information will be transferred from user to site and for what time will be downloaded data from the network. At low speed, operation will slow down significantly.

Ping is critical for quality and convenient work. It depends on how quickly the site will respond to user actions.

Current proxy servers all promise a quality connection. But it is always worth checking the connection provided by the proxy.

It’s easy enough to do that. First of all, we need to measure the speed and other parameters of a normal connection without using a proxy server. To do this, we need to visit any website that specializes in this matter. It is enough to drive into the search box “measuring the speed of the Internet”, and we will be offered several options. Anyone can do that. We measure and store or record data.

Next, we need to enable the proxy in the browser, the proxy program or set up the connection.

Quotation: Before you connect a proxy, you should write down the initial network settings so that you can restore them in case of problems.

Once the proxy has been configured, we enter the same site to check the speed of the Internet, perform the test and check the result against the previous one.

If the difference in values will be excessive, for example, is lost more than 50% of the speed, twice rises ping – it is necessary to change the proxy and find a better quality.