In order to achieve anonymity in the network, to secure your data from theft, hacking, you should start using a proxy server. This solution implies a connection instead of a normal network connection to a server that will accept incoming and outgoing traffic from the user and send it to the recipients. Such a solution can somewhat reduce the speed and increase the ping, but it will bypass most of the existing blockages, preserve anonymity in the network and protect your data as well as hide the history of visits to sites.

The only nuance of this solution will be the difficulty in choosing the most appropriate server, type of connection or configuration.

What are the connection and configuration methods

First of all the user should be guided by own possibilities and abilities. Whether it can set up or change the proxy on the computer, or whether it can manually configure the connection. Alternatively, you can use an automatic configuration file to set up a connection to the proxy server.

If manual configuration is difficult or not, you may prefer to install a specialized program that can be used not only to connect to an existing proxy server, but also to create your own.

The complexity of this method will be the need to know the console and DOS commands, the ability to apply them correctly. In case there are no such skills, it is worth choosing simpler ways to connect to the proxy.

You can also start the proxy server with the help of browsers. For example, Opera and Thor have built-in features, or you can use extensions for chrome and yandex that can provide secure surfing on the network while being connected and running under a proxy server.

Whichever method the user chooses, it is important to make sure that the proxy server you are using meets the minimum requirements, and that it will be convenient to connect to it.

Many modern servers have one common problem – a strong increase in pinging or lowering the speed of the network, which makes working in the network very difficult and uncomfortable. To avoid this, it is necessary to test the drive of the selected server. Or even compare a few, so you can choose the fastest, respectively – convenient for work.

Quotation: you can change the proxy server whenever and as many times as you like – changing the proxy does not have any negative consequences.

What characteristics are important for the proxy server

If you use a secure proxy server, you should pay attention to the levels and type of encryption – the proposed level of security and preservation of confidential data depends on it.

As for comfortable work, you should pay attention to 4 main parameters:

  • outgoing speed. Responsible for transferring data from PC to network;
  • the incoming speed. This means the download speed of the data;
  • the meaning of pinging;
  • the ability to swap your real ip address.

Speed is one of the main criteria when choosing a proxy server, which determines the efficiency and convenience of work. Almost all modern proxy servers will reduce the speed of transmission and reception of information. This is explained by the fact that the proxy server is an additional link in the user-site chain, and therefore the data processing, transmission to the recipient of packets can take time or the server itself has the ability to process the flow of a certain value.

The second important point is ping. When using a proxy, it increases significantly. A legitimate question arises – why a proxy server is needed if it impairs the quality of the connection. The fact is that many people face a problem when they need to visit a site, for example, located in Korea or South America. However, there may be a blocking at the ip address, in other words, a user with a Russian ip will not visit the site. In this case, the proxy is used. And the remote site and the usual connection will have a high ping, so its increase is not critical. Even fast proxy servers should not be used in online games, where the value of pinging is not only critical, but even important.

The last important point is the IP address. In fact, an IP address is a unique identifier that can be used to understand not only the country in which the user resides, but even his or her provider and exact place of residence. Many sites block the IP address, so the ability to replace it with a virtual address is important for the proxy server. Bypassing proxy locks is already very popular. It is relevant for gaining access to social networks blocked for citizens of some countries of the nearest abroad, for access to sites banned by Roskomnadzor and similar bodies. Or the proxy can be used to connect the torrent manager and download information anonymously.

Therefore, the ability to change ip through a proxy is an important and necessary function.

Many applications, proxy extensions offer additional functionality for a fee. For example, it could be:

  • speeding up, lowering the ping;
  • additional security features, whether encryption or individual proxy server usage;
  • Possibility to select an ip address from several possible ones, assigning the selected virtual address to the user.

Quotation: Additional proxy server features available for a fee can be purchased, but only if the user needs or wants them.

How to check the quality of a proxy connection

It is easy enough to check the quality of the proxy server. First of all, you should measure your current Internet connection. To do this, you can use any of the many sites to measure the speed of the connection. After the test, it is necessary to remember, write down the values of incoming and outgoing speed, pinging, as well as the value of the ip address.

Next, we set up a proxy on the computer using any of the methods described above and run a speed test again.

Quote: It is important for the purity of the experiment to measure the quality of the connection on the same site.

It makes sense to check several servers, and based on the results of the tests to choose the most optimal one, offering the highest possible speed, low ping, ip address spoofing.

If the user does not plan to connect all the software installed on the computer to the proxy, but only individual programs, special programs and extensions can be used. For example, if you plan to use a proxy for surfing the network, you should set up a proxy server in an opera, chrome or any other browser. This can be done manually or by installing extensions. Then the proxy will only be used during surfing over the network and the rest of the software will work over the network via a normal connection.