Due to the appearance of blocking by means of geolocation there are problems with connection to some services. In particular, a program such as Steam, depending on the user’s location, gives him/her prices in the currency of the region where he/she is located. This can be avoided by installing a proxy server. Or some mail services have access blocks to them, define the user by ip address.

Any of these problems can be solved by installing and then configuring the proxy server. Let’s consider the most relevant examples.

How to set up a proxy in Outlook

The main problem with this application, which is included with Microsoft Office, is the difficulty of setting up call forwarding systems and access from different PCs. If you install a proxy, Outlook will start communicating with Exchange.

Note: To configure Outlook through a proxy, you must install a service pack on the OS.

In order to start configuring outlook through a proxy, it is necessary to open the “Start” menu and enter the control panel. Here you should launch the mail application and enter the “Service” (located in the upper part of the toolbar). Here you should open the e-mail tab and select “Create”.

Important: Be sure to tick the box “Setting up server parameters and additional types of servers in manual mode”.

This is where we are going to change the proxy server settings, or more precisely, to write them in.

The next step is to agree to use a Microsoft Exchange server. In the appeared window it will be necessary to add a line “ex01.mps. local” in the Microsoft Exchange Server configuration field.

Note: All lines in the settings should be entered without brackets and quotes.

The next steps will be:

  • Entering the account that you want to access when connected to the proxy server;
  • enter the password for this account;
  • save all the data entered, otherwise they will have to be entered again.

Then you should use the “Other settings” command and enter the “Connection” item.

Here, to avoid messages like “Error of outlook server security certificate“, you should check the box next to “Connection via Http protocol” and click on “Proxy parameters”. Here we’ll have to write the next line: “exchange. parging. ru.”

In the pop-up window we will have to select the normal authentication option. Next, you need to save the data you have entered and continue with the configuration.

Problems when configuring a proxy server for Outlook

Enter your mailbox in the appeared authorization window and write your password to it. Confirm the correctness of the data entered and continue with the “OK” key. Next we will get a window with a message about the end of the setup. Click “Finish” and check our work.

Quotation: After making changes to the settings, we must reboot the program.

It’s worth noting that if there is an error in the filling of the lines or if you disable the use of Exchange Server, we can get the message “Outlook Proxy Security Error Found“. A similar situation with the error message window may occur if you have entered your authorization data incorrectly.

An alternative way to set up Blacklocks using an anonymous proxy server

Any program, including Outlook, uses the available operating system settings as standard settings to connect to the Network. You can change the access parameters either by changing the configuration in the application itself, leaving the operating system settings (which are used by other applications) unchanged, or by changing them (keep in mind that the changed parameters will be relevant for other applications using the Internet connection).

In case you don’t know how to set up a proxy server on windows 7 or any other version of this operating system, you can give step-by-step instructions, which can be universal for any case:

  • we are going to use a straightforward path to access the configuration we are interested in, through the control panel;
  • where we find the item “Network”, or “System” (depending on the version of the operating system);
  • in the window that opens, we find the item “Browser properties”, “Network connection”, etc;
  • here we manually enter the proxy server values.

There is an alternative way to access these settings. Thanks to it, you can learn how to change the proxy server in your browser. You can do this from any browser by going to its settings and visiting the “Network and Connection” item. In the opened section we find items:

  • “Connection setting.”
  • “Observer properties.”
  • “Setting up a proxy connection.”
  • “Changing network settings.”

Depending on the type and version of the browser, the signature of the necessary item may be different, but the sense remains the same – we need to access the Network settings and connection. After opening the settings, the browser will have to redirect us to the window of connection settings of the operating system itself, where we will enter the necessary data.

The easiest way to change a proxy in a browser

There are other problems with access to mail. For example, the most popular mail site Mail. ru has a block for ip addresses from some countries. Owners of such addresses can easily bypass the blocking by simply changing their address. This can be done through the same free proxy servers.

If it is planned to work with mail through a browser without the use of email programs, the easiest way to set up the proxy only to work with your browser (for simplicity, you can even install a separate browser, whose task will be a permanent work under the proxy, without having to disable the use of the proxy server to accelerate the work and access to other sites). In order not to waste time on setting up or examining the peculiarities of this process, you can install a proxy extension on a newly installed browser. This will save time and allow you to start using your mail immediately (if it has been blocked by ip address before).

Other recommendations on how to manage the proxy server, the need to install it

If you need to connect a proxy for a mail client located on your computer, you can recommend using the latest version of The Bat. The flexibility of its settings will allow you to use it to connect to a mail site as a proxy as a kind of bridge.

And as the method resulted above, concerning use of expansions in a browser, and current – by means of the post client means possibility to use it both on the usual desktop computer, the laptop, and on a tablet, the phone working under control of operating system Android.