The concept and term “proxy” appeared relatively recently, but most people have already heard about it, even if they have little understanding of computer technology and software to it.

A proxy is a remote computer that allows you to bind the user’s computer to the target network node – the server or site. The proxy acts as an intermediary, or rather as a layer, accepting and sending requests from both the user and the remote host. This ensures the protection of user’s confidential information, his anonymity in the network, hiding the real IP address, and as a consequence – bypassing most of the existing locks.

Targeted proxy assignment

Why do you need a proxy? It has several basic functions and features that are extremely relevant for any modern user. Among them:

  • the ability to access a node or its resources that have been restricted or even blocked;
  • The ability to send mass mailings or to register on sites that are restricted to a single ip address;
  • Possibility to use at seo optimization, for parsing of search engines in particular, and also for selection of keywords;
  • proxy is also used in SMM, as well as its functions and capabilities are relevant for the promotion of the channel, user, group in social networks;
  • An important function is to ensure anonymity and confidentiality on the network.

Quote: The average, inexperienced user will also appreciate the capabilities of the proxy. It allows you to surf the network in peace, completely ignoring any blockages.

Choosing a proxy

Current proxy servers mean the proxies that are currently functioning. However, they are very different and there are certain types and types of servers.

Many people prefer to use free services, considering them quite adequate and not too different from paid, individual proxy. In fact, public servers not only lose in speed and ping, but also in many other parameters. For example, the majority of ip addresses from free servers for a long time are in the black list of masses of sites and bases, therefore for comfortable work, and sometimes even for banal surfing on a network, them will be insufficiently.

Their next minus is unstable operation, frequent connection failures, jumps in speed and pinging. The fact is that a large number of users on the server, putting each of their tasks, load the proxy, and it can not work adequately. In this regard, they are significantly losing to individual proxy servers, the task of which is set by one user and all the resources of such a server are spent only on it.

Finally, the problem with free proxies is that they are short-lived, a danger to the user’s PC using free public servers, consisting of Trojans, worms and other malicious software.

An example of danger is buying from an online store using a public proxy. The user enters his or her details, enters payment information. Who then receives this information and how to use it, remains open.

When going to use a proxy, as in the case with the choice of provider, it is worth evaluating all the proposed characteristics and on the basis of this to be determined with the proxy.

Proxy Characteristics

The ipv4 and ipv6 proxy servers use different ip protocols. If 4 is old, familiar, 6 is new, actively developing. That’s why you should choose a proxy depending on the target sites and their logging type.

Further, the difficulty of choosing will be in the decision to use private or individual servers. It’s simple: if you plan to use a proxy rarely and only for surfing, a public proxy will be enough. If the proxy is needed for serious purposes and it is planned to actively use it – it is necessary to prefer a private server.

Another advantage of a private server is the ability to reserve one or more IP addresses, as opposed to the public one, where one address can be used by several people.

Private proxies, like public proxies, can offer dynamic, static ip addresses for operation. Dynamic address has the property to change, and when selecting the static user will get a whole set. On a public server, these addresses will not be the personal property of the user, they will also be used by others, and, moreover, perhaps even at the same time. If you plan to do so on a network where the address can be blocked, you should prefer dynamic. You can periodically change your ip and thus bypass the lockouts and ban at the address.

Data logging

Proxy socks4, http or https is a type of proxy logging and server support for these protocols. When choosing a server, you should pay attention to them. http(s) is a transport protocol that supports secure connection via SSL, socks, depending on the version can transport any other protocol, the latest version supports user authorization on the server.

Authorization allows you to limit the number of people who use the server.

Most often, a proxy server with a good speed requires authorization. And even a public one. Such servers can be accessible only to a small number of users, for example, active participants of a certain forum or regular customers of an online store, a site.

Authorization does not always take place in the usual way – after entering your login and password. It can also be authorized by the user’s real ip address. In this case, you can connect only if the address of the visitor connecting to the server is the same as the address of the server in the “white list”. Otherwise, the connection is not possible.

Summing up the results and principles of proxy selection

Free or paid proxy servers with good speed should be selected according to several criteria. In particular, this:

  • the cost or free of charge of the server:
  • the presence of authorization and its type;
  • availability of a free test period;
  • Convenience of working with the server – availability of a client cabinet, API, affiliate program;
  • you should pay attention to protocol support;
  • proxy type – static or dynamic;
  • the possibility of replacing the existing addresses, the cost of the service. Frequency of use:
  • the type of ip on the server;
  • the ability to select a proxy location;
  • rental period, cost, wholesale prices.

Quote: It is worth checking the proposed proxy speed, ping, other technical capabilities and stability of the connection.

Based on these criteria, you can choose the best proxy to work with. And to pick up not only as much as possible convenient, but also as much as possible accessible, most adapted for work and capable to cope with the tasks in view, and the main thing – being the best in a parity the price – quality.