The proxy server allows us to set the correct location for our PC without revealing its true location. It can help us to get to the closed resources to get the necessary information. To achieve these goals, you need to be able to modify proxy servers. This is especially important for sources with limited access to a single IP. How to change the proxy, consider below.

Change proxies in Google Chrome browser

You can change the proxy server in the Google Chrome browser in its settings. To do it, you should press the button with three points in the upper right corner of the open Google Chrome window right under the button of closing.

We go down the ribbon and open additional ones, where we choose the position – “PROCESSI-SERVER SETTINGS”. As a result, you should press the button at the bottom of the opened Internet properties with the connection tab. It’s gonna be NETWORK SETTING.

Going to “LAN settings”, you should note the use for local connections. You need to select additional ones in the address bar.

Before you can change the proxy server, you must enter the “PROCESSOR PARAMETERS” box in the opened window:

  1. HTTP

If the Sox values are entered, the other fields do not need to be filled in. The parameters entered are confirmed and your Google Chrome has the last proxy server entered.

Quotation: The peculiarity of the SOCKS proxy is that it has several obvious advantages over other types of proxies. Due to the fact that SOCKS only uses lower level protocols (TCP, UDP) for transmission, it does not depend on higher level protocols – HTTP or FTP.

Change the proxy at Yandex.

Those who prefer Yandex to other browsers can also change the proxy server for the Internet. This will help reduce traffic or create an access point for LAN connections and increase user anonymity.

If you specify a proxy server (except for the Socks type), the order of actions in the Yandex Browser will be as follows:

  1. Go to the setting service from the top of the panel.
  2. Choose to open additional settings.
  3. Note that we want to change the proxy settings in the “Network Menu”.
  4. Click on the Network settings in the “CONNECTIONS” tab.
  5. Check the “PROCESSI-SEVER” box next to the indication that it will be used for local connection.
  6. In the line “ADRES” enter the proxy server details.
  7. Confirm and repeat the same actions in the newly opened window.

If the Yandex Access extension is enabled for Yandex, it must be disabled immediately before changing the proxy, because the “Change proxy server settings” button will be blocked. This is done using the “READY” menu.

To prescribe Socks servers, you need to install, change the settings of “Yandex”. Log in and specify in them and in the NETWORK line that you want to change proxy settings.

In the Internet Properties window, go to the Network settings. Additional ones are selected and “USE PROCESSI-SERVER…” is marked.

Removes the check mark next to the installation of a single proxy for all types of protocols. After that, the Socks line specifies its parameters. This type of IP address will now also be changed.

Other proxy server modification options

In other Internet browsers, proxy servers are changed according to the same scenario. But other resources can also be used to help you change IP addresses all the time. Among the programs that know how to change proxies, Proxy Switcher received praise for its content. It’s very simple and convenient to work with. After installing the software, you must download the proxy server. This can be done manually or by setting up an automatic program search, which is done during the installation of Proxy Switcher.

To load a proxy server manually, select the Actions menu on the toolbar, specifying the following: Download Proxy Lists.

The program helps to change IP to arbitrary or country-specific IP. Testing of all or selected proxy servers from the downloaded list is performed beforehand, and after that the necessary addresses for work are selected.

There are many similar Proxy Switcher programs available to help you change the proxy server for your PC. This is convenient and saves a lot of time in the future. But initially it is necessary to spend some hours for acquaintance with software and its settings.