Recently, more and more users have been thinking about the need to remain completely anonymous when working on the network. For many people, the issue of protecting their own data is extremely important. Finally, all sorts of blockages and protections that prevent users from accessing the resource have also contributed to the emergence of proxyservers.

Why you need a proxy server on your computer and how to use it

However, many users who want to protect their data, become anonymous on the network, do not know why a proxy server is needed.

This type of program is intended mainly for changing the ipaddress. In turn, the ipaddress is the unique identifier of the user’s network connection point. And on the basis of this identifier the user can block access to resources, steal his data, calculate the real location. The Proxyserver offers a virtual address swap. In this way, the user’s information is protected, his or her real location is concealed and, as a result, his or her anonymity is ensured.

Similarly to theproxy of another country, it will allow you to access a resource that is banned in the user’s country. For example, we can refer to the large list of banned resources of Roskomnadzor or blocking Vk,Mail. ru, Odnoklassnikov in Ukraine. By means of installation of a proxyserver, performance by it of substitution of the address the user can get access again to these sites and freely use all their possibilities. And that’s what it’s all about:

  • he’s not a lawbreaker;
  • doesn’t hurt his computer;
  • you don’t have to pay anybody for such a ruse.

This method is the most popular and convenient way to bypass site blocking if necessary.

Proxies for blocked sitesalways work. The only nuance is that in some cases you may need to manually change the virtual address. Set up a site that is not a banned site.

Installation minuses and how often the proxy needs to be changed

The question arises as to whether it is possible to bypass locks in this way all the time and how often the proxy server needs to be changed. Its replacement is not required for several years – the main thing is that the proxy itself remains functional and does not lose its characteristics. In particular, many proxies have connection problems. In more detail, they can:

  • Reduce the actual speed of connection to the user’s PC network;
  • can significantly increase the ping;
  • Connection problems may occur in the form of frequent hang-ups, communication resets, and packet transmission errors.

In more detail, this means that the incoming and outgoing speed of the Internet may drop. Therefore, many people run a proxy serveronly to access unauthorized resources, the rest of the time using a normal connection.

Quote: You should not use proxies to download data, if they are already available – this approach will significantly slow down the download.

Or the increase of ping can lead to problems when working with sites – they will long process the data sent by the user, to give an answer to them. Thus, computer games online at a high pingue will be unavailable – play will be completely impossible. Data transfer time from server to player and vice versa will be increased. As a consequence – all the latest data will be received late, as well as his actions will be received by the game server with delay.

Proxy settingscan also be usedfor individual programs – browsers, Skype, icq, etc. It is suggested to set up a connection separately for each program or all at once in the settings of the operating system. Depending on the user’s goals, you can select any of the options available.

How to learn how to easily use a proxy server

To learn how to use a proxy server, you don’t need to read long instructions and understand the essence of the question. The following methods can be used to make this connection:

  • to use automatic settings;
  • download proxy server programs;
  • install an extension in the browser.

One of the easiest ways to set up a proxy server is to download and install automatic settings. To do this, find the server, download the configuration file or copy the network path to it. Then go to the network settings and in the corresponding item find the item “Load the automatic configuration file”. Here we enter the local address where the file is located or paste the previously copied address to the NAS. After that, the proxy should be ready for use.

One more way is to install a proxy server bymeans of specialized programs. There are a lot of them in the network, and it will not be difficult to find and download the application. After installation, the program must be fully operational. Advanced versions will be able to offer the user to choose the primary values independently. For example, this value of an ipaddress, you can choose your virtual location, encrypt data, provide login only by entering your login and password, etc.

Finally, the last easy way is to set up a proxy server in your browser. In this case, automatic and manual adjustment is possible. We will consider the automatic one, which is done by installing extensions. That’s what it’s for:

  • we find an extension;
  • we put it in the browser;
  • we’re gonna start using it.

For example, such an installation could be a proxy for chrome. We need to go to the extension store, type the word “proxy” in the search query and choose one of the options offered. Depending on the configuration of the user’s PC, the extension should not take longer than 2 minutes to install. After installation, the extension will be fully ready for use. You just need to restart your browser.

Quotation:Operaand Torbrowsers do not even need extensions – the proxy is a built-in function.

Enabling and disabling proxy extensions in the browser is done in just one click. Some offer great functionality, while others only have on/off functionality. Therefore, the user should try several variants. Proxy server connection should be stable and user-friendly.

If problems are detected, the extension can be trivialized and the following can be set. Thus, you can find a convenient proxy server that will meet all your requirements.

Whichever option you choose – automatic configuration, browser extensions or the browsers themselves with the proxy function, they are all functional and convenient. The choice depends only on the user’s preferences and goals.