Proxy is the most common and popular feature for modern users. The main feature of proxy is the ability to change the ip address, so you can bypass most of the existing blocks for sites.

What is a proxy server

The Proxy server is not a program, but a remote host on the network or specific network connection settings from the user’s PC. A proxy can be translated as a mediator, and this is an exact definition, as it performs these functions. Proxy provides data transfer between the node and the PC. In a normal connection, data exchange takes place directly between the site and the user. A permanent proxy server reduces the available speed of data transfer and increases ping, but as an intermediary, receiving and transmitting data from server to pc and vice versa, it provides anonymity of the user in the network and ensures data security. The main functions of a proxy are

  • the ability to bypass the blockages;
  • the ability to remain anonymous online;
  • the ability to protect your own confidential information.

For these reasons, the proxy is installed. The main problem of modern users from the CIS is a large number of sites, access to which is limited by means of geolocation, determining the exact location of the user. For example, residents of Ukraine do not have access to some Russian sites, such as the social network VKontakte or Odnoklassniki. Similarly, the Ukrainian government blocks access for Russian users. Setting up a proxy connection will allow you to ignore these restrictions and enjoy any content on such sites, as well as have access to them at any time of the day or night. The proxy provides this by replacing the real ip with a virtual one. Thus, a citizen of Russia or Ukraine can become an American, a European, etc. Blocking the site will not work on it, as its virtual ip passes censor.

Proxy installation features

There are several different ways to connect to a proxy server. They often require certain skills from the user. But in most cases, an ordinary user needs a proxy either to surf safely or to access a particular site. In other words, a proxy connection is required only for a browser. In that case, a chromium proxy would be convenient.

It is installed as an extension for the browser, and the installation itself does not require any skills or abilities. All operations are performed in a few simple steps:

  • You need to go to your chrome browser or download and install it beforehand;
  • open the browser menu and go to the extension store window;
  • in the window, enter “proxy” in the search field;
  • to choose one of the options that you like and install it.

Quote: After installing the proxy extension in chrome, it is advisable to reboot the browser to avoid any problems, errors, or crashes.

Removal is no less easy. To do this, go through the browser menu to the section with extensions, find the installed proxy in the list and click on the icon with the image of the basket opposite the extension. After that the proxy will be removed from the browser.

Proxy setting for Google chrome is not required. Some particularly advanced extensions may offer to choose an ip for a particular country or create a list of sites for which a proxy needs to be turned off. There are also applications that require an additional fee for their use. As a rule, an extended toolkit for working with the extension is offered for an additional fee, but, as practice shows, for an inexperienced user, such functionality is not needed.

Depending on the type of extension, Google Chrome proxy is enabled in a couple of mouse clicks and disabled accordingly. This is convenient because it allows you to activate the proxy connection at any time or to continue working in the network on a normal connection.

An example of this functionality is the ability to open a forbidden site in the tab, access it through a proxy and further disable the extension, continuing to work with other sites that do not require IP address spoofing.

If the user has difficulty installing or activating an extension, there is an alternative – you can use browsers that have such extensions as a standard tool. Examples of such browsers are torus and opera.

Quotation: Installation of proxy extensions is also possible for other browsers. Installation, removal, activation and deactivation are done in the same way.

Selection of optimal proxy extension for chrome

It is necessary to specify at once that it is possible and even necessary to change the proxy into chrome. This is a normal procedure that does not harm your computer or other software in any way. The need to replace the extension may arise when the current one is unable to provide a quality connection. Or the new expansion offers much higher and better characteristics than the current one.

Google chrome proxy should be checked before using it. To check the current connection speed without using a proxy, it is necessary to measure the current connection speed. For this purpose, the user should visit any Internet speed check site. On such a site after the test you can see your ip address, incoming and outgoing speed, as well as ping.

After that, you can proceed with the proxy check. After installing it, you should run the test again and look at the result while already connected to the proxy server.

Proxy for Google chrome, extensions, can offer a variety of features, but they will always be inferior to the speed available when connected without the use of a proxy. You should choose a server that offers minimal speed drop, both inbound and outbound.

The second important parameter to check is the ping. This value defines the time that the site server to which the user has sent the request is responsible for responding to it. Ping shouldn’t be tall: the less the better. Optimal value is 30-50 ms. In reality, the value can go up to 70-80. Above 80ms ping is considered to be bad and overestimated – with this value to work with sites will be uncomfortable, so significantly increases the response time of the site to user actions.

The last important criterion for selecting a proxy server is to replace the actual IP address with a virtual one. If the active proxy extension does not change the address, it is not functional and should be replaced. A Google Chrome proxy is better to choose one that offers several options for selecting an address, which will make it easier for the user to work with it.

Based on this data, you should select the extension and install it. It is recommended to install several applications one by one and check them all, leaving only the one that will offer the best connection quality, speed and ping.