Modern technologies are being improved and user requirements for software are growing. More recently, the network was considered an anonymous and secure place where any user could speak out and share, store information without fear.

But it is possible to track the user, steal his data, even calculate his history of visiting the site. To avoid this, it is worth logging into the network through an anonymous proxy.

Why do you need a proxy

A proxy is nothing but an intermediary between the user’s computer and the network nodes. He can provide:

  • safe surfing;
  • will allow us to remain anonymous;
  • it can be used to bypass site blocking.

The main advantage of this connection is that it is not possible to track the user’s visit history. As well as the location of the PC from which the user works. Do I need to use a proxy server? If you need to keep your privacy, bypass the locks, this is the only way to do it.

Quotation: You can use the proxy to stay anonymous, change your data.

With the help of a proxy the user will be able to get access to resources, which was impossible in the case of a normal connection.

How the proxy works

Sites are often blocked using geodata. In other words, access to the site is denied to people from a particular region or country. A proxy from another country will bypass the lockdown. The main feature of this method, or its main, useful tool for the user, is the ability to change the real ip address. This individual identifier can open information about the user’s ISP, its location up to the home address. Changing this identifier will allow you to simulate your location. For example, being in Russia and using a proxy, you can “make” yourself a user of any other country, say, a node visited from Canada. In this case, the blocking will not work, and you can use all the features of the site, which was blocked for the usual user’s ip address.

Often sites and nodes block users by their ip without geodata binding. Many modern ISPs offer dynamic address, so rebooting the router, assigning a new ip to the user’s PC can help bypass the lock. If free ip runs out, then a proxy for blocked sites is the best solution – it can help you regain access.

Quotation: A dynamic ip address is the assignment of multiple addresses to a user. Two to five in most cases.

How to choose a proxy server

Choosing a proxy is a very responsible approach. In addition to its main function – bypassing the locks and changing the ip address, it should provide high-quality access to the network, not cause problems for the user in the work.

The most common problems associated with the choice of proxy server is not the best quality:

  • slowing down the incoming and outgoing speeds;
  • an increase in the importance of pinging;
  • unstable connection, data loss.

In case the outgoing or incoming speed drops due to the use of a proxy server, it will be difficult to download data from the site or upload to it – it will take much longer, which will slow down the work.

If the value of ping will be too high, then respond to the user’s actions the site will be very slow, which also affects the convenience of work.

Quote: Ping is the server response time. How quickly the node reacts to the user’s actions and answers them. The less ping, the better.

Often free proxy servers are characterized by their low quality of connection. This means that communication may be lost, access time to the node may be exceeded, or the node may be disconnected from the node. The more often such failures occur, the more inconvenient it becomes to work through a proxy. In that case, he should be replaced. Find an alternative whose possibilities will be higher.

How to compare proxy servers

First of all, you should set up the proxy and prepare it for operation. To preparatory works it is necessary to carry measurement of speed of the Internet at usual connection.

Quotation: Internet speed measurement is the value of incoming and outgoing speed, pinging, and the definition of a valid ip address.

After that, you can connect the proxy features. And then check the connection status. In case there will be large losses in speed, or the ping will increase several times, it is worth choosing another option, choose a server with better features. Today, there are many actual proxies that are popular. Among them, the optimal one will have to be found. But you should definitely check if it will be convenient for work.

Of course, the main thing in checking the selected proxy is whether it changes the current user address or not. If the main function doesn’t work, there’s no point in checking other values. The server must be replaced.

As for the choice of a specific program, or a method of connecting a proxy: there is a wide range of them today. The user can connect a proxy separately for the selected program, use a secure connection only in the browser or even set up a separate browser for secure surfing.

Proxy connection methods

There are several different methods that you can use to connect a proxy server. The most difficult of these methods is manual configuration of the connection. To do this, go to the connection settings of the operating system itself and manually specify the values and access parameters.

An easier way implies using specialized programs that already have the necessary values in them. They are also more convenient because you can enable or disable proxy at any time.

Quotation: The proxy program can be minimized to avoid interfering with the tray.

Another convenient way is Tor. This browser turns on the proxy server automatically, so it is only by running the program that you can already be online anonymously and under a different IP address.

For normal browsers, configuration is done by installing extensions. For example, for Google Chrome, you can find such extensions in your browser store. It won’t take long to install and set up. After that, the proxy will be ready for use.

Quotation: Browser proxy extensions should be checked for speed and quality of connection and changed if the values are low.

Finally, there is a method that allows you to connect a proxy for individual applications. For example, you can include Skype, mail clients, software designed to access specific resources. For example, for social networks VK, Odnoklassniki, for Telegrams there are separate applications with proxy functions, which are specially adapted only for work with these nodes, services, services and networks.

Depending on your goals, the user can choose any of the options offered. But the rules of checking are valid for everyone – if the selected software and settings do not suit, there are no other options than to change the proxy.